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Anyone Tried This Supplement?

its called Universal Natural Sterol Complex www.vitacost.com/UniversalNaturalSterolComplex

any of you guys heard of this or tried this?

this stuff is a “yesterday supplement” a lot of stuff that Universal makes is old school and need to be reformulated. I recommend just sticking to Biotest as they are innovators and if they find a way to make a current product better they impliment it in the very next batch of it. So they are always moving forward and not standing still like some companies.

hope this helps.


I wouldn’t trust this, it just seems like a low grade steroid (if you’re looking for that than go for it!) with a bunch of amino acids in it, some ingredients that help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol (eating healthy and exercising does wonders too)

Fucosterol - Isn’t on wikipedia =/

It doesn’t look to bad, except the Sterol part (and especially since it says “Other”).

Eat some good ol’ fashion meat with vegetables and you’ll be set! I am curious to hear others’ opinions though, I am by no means an expert on anything [except being good looking…and sex…and being smart ;)]

i really didnt plan on getting it, i was just searching around for Animal Pak and came across this and it looked like bull shit to me so i wanted to see what people thought.