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Anyone Tried This Supplement

It is made by manna tec or what ever and it is called sport it is soppose to be a post work out supplement that loosens your muscles after your done lifting my cousins g\fs brother got a bunch of these supplements when he speed skated in the olympics. he gave me bunch of these and when my muscles where really fatigued and sore I would take some and it would loosen them right up. I just wondering if this supplement is still available or if any one else has ever taken these or has any information on this supplement. …

H U H?

Mannatech Sport is supposed to aid/accelerate breakdown of lactic acid buildup in muscles.

goto mannatech site they have the info you seek

acurals87, there’s a product on this site that is the equivalent of the product your girlfriend’s brother gave you. What you’re wanting to do is optimize Post Workout (PWO) Nutrition. Check out the following articles:

Solving the Post Workout Puzzle, I & II

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Olympic speedskater? Whats his name?

My mom actually recently bought me a bottle of it. I haven’t noticed very many effects from it. Then again, I’ve taken it sparingly and not exactly when its recommended (e.g. 45 minutes after my workout as opposed to the recommended immediately after your workout). Try it, it can’t hurt.

One of the ingredients in it - ambrotose - is supposed to be really good for you no matter your age, sex, or health. So like it said - it can’t hurt.

his name is blake not sure of his last name since its her step brother. but thanks for all the info. time to practice some good post workout nutrition.

I would imagine that just taking Surge after your workout would do the same thing and cost less. It sounds to me like Sport is a specific blend of amino acids. Not sure what else they’d use. Of course, they won’t tell you. Patented formula and all that…

The difference is, this is the only thing Sport does: help break down lactic acid. Where Surge is a total Post WorkOut solution (except for Creatine, which I add).

Sport is the greatest product EVER!!!
You have everything you need to help you recover and get huge, all in this ONE supplement.
It has chromium, plant sterols, ground bull testicles, wild yam, and boron! No I’m not kidding about the ingredients.

This bitch is right out of the 80’s. How do they still get away with it?

acurals87: ha ha, you ate bull testicles. Just messing with you… live and learn I guess.

As far as lactic acid is concerned, this was mentioned in their other lame product, not Sport.

As an aside, you don’t need to really enhance LA removal post exercise. It doesn’t really do anything negative, and is decreased to a huge extent within minutes of exercise.


[quote]David Barr wrote:

It has chromium, plant sterols, ground bull testicles, wild yam, and boron! [/quote]

Amazing. Someone took every useless supplement from 20 years ago and combined it into one product.

On a related note, are we being spammed by a junior high school dropout?

Oh wait, this product is put out by a multi-level marketing company…