Anyone tried this product?

I was down to the states on the long weekend. I was trying to locate some more MAG-10 in Cap form but was unable to at GNC, Vitamin World or Vitamin shoppe. I did pickup two bottles of “Andro Nitrate3 Fuel” from Twinlab. I have done a search on the forum for info on this product but was quite honestly not satisfied with the answers I got. First is the product any good, I relished that it contains some of the same ingredients as Mag-10, but no idea on the concentration of the Andro complex (100Mg) the other is an NO complex (200Mg). Looks like I will have to take at least 3 of these pills to get the same amount as 6 Mag-10 Caps give. The only reasons I bought them because GNC was selling them for buy one get one free, figured it was a good deal for 45 US for 120 tabs.

Any comments would be appreciated.

With MAG-10’s new delibvery system, you’ll probably need to take the whole bottle to get the same amount of 4-AD-EC and A1-E in you. After all, there’s a reason why Twinlab doesn’t list to content of these active ingredients.

Not to sound overly critical but…Why would you buy this product before doing any solid research on it? Being a T-mag reader, you should know better!