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Anyone Tried the Training Day Supps?

Went to pick up some BCAA’s today to stave me off until I get my PayPal setup to get me some Biotest goodies. When I was at the GNC I saw some of the new “Training Day” products, which are supposed to be some “sponsored or supported by the Big 12” or some other jazz like that. They’re expensive as hell, and I wanted to hold off on buying them until I got some form of input.

Here’s the info from the label, let me know what you guys think. In the end I’d love to give the Biotest stuff a shot (maybe over the summer), but we can get tested in the Fall and if these are guaranteed clean in the NCAA then I’d like to be safe. Either way I think they might be worth trying.

Apparently they’re broken into 3 products, preseason, game time, and post game or something like that.

Here is the label for preseason.

Calories 40.00
Calories from Fat 0.00
Total Fat 0.00 g 0%
Saturated Fat 0.00 g 0%
Trans Fat 0.00 g
Cholesterol 5.00 mg 2%
Sodium 20.00 mg 1%
Total Carbohydrate 10.00 g 3%
Sugars 1.00 g
Protein 0.00 g 0%
Calcium 20.00 2%
Iron 0.00 0%
Vitamin A 0.00 0%
Vitamin C 0.00 0%
Vitamin B-6 0.00 0%
Vitamin B-12 0.00 0%
Preseason Proprietary Blend 13120.00 mg **
Creatine Monohydrate **
L-Leucine **
Alpha lipoic acid **
Waxy Maize Starch **

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Acesulfame-K, FD&C Red #40

Game Time
Calories 20.00
Calories from Fat 5.00
Total Fat 0.00 g 0%
Saturated Fat 0.00 g 0%
Trans Fat 0.00 g
Cholesterol 10.00 mg 3%
Sodium 135.00 mg 6%
Total Carbohydrate 1.00 g 0%
Sugars 1.00 g
Protein 4.00 g 8%
Calcium 20.00 2%
Iron 0.00 0%
Vitamin A 0.00 0%
Vitamin C 0.00 0%
Vitamin B-6 5.00 250%
Vitamin B-12 60.00 1000%
Gametime Proprietary Blend 10050.00 mg **
Taurine **
Sodium **
Whey Protein Concentrate **
Caffeine **
Leucine **
Valine **
Siberian Ginseng **
Isoleucine **
arginine AKG **
Kre-Alkalyn **
Tinospora Polysaccharides **
Citrulline AKG **
Rhodiola Rosea **
** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, Acesulfame-K, Yellow #6, Sucralose, Citric Acid

Post Game
Postgame Proprietary Blend 494.00 mg **
Zinc **
Glutamine **
Arabinogalactan **
Leucine **
N-Acetly-l-Cysteine **
Beta 13 D-Glucan **
Phospatidylerine **
** Daily Value (DV) not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin, Water

I think the good news with these is that there aren’t a lot of crazy ingredients, but I don’t like that they don’t give the concentrations of the stuff in their proprietary blend, i.e. I’d like to know how much leucine I’m getting in post game, or how much creatine in preseason, etc.

Sorry if it’s foul play to bring up other supps on this site, not trying to advertise for these guys or say that I don’t want to try Biotest, because I plan on doing that, too. But if these are guaranteed to be NCAA compliant then I’ll grudgingly use them in the place of Surge Workout Fuel. I’ll still plan on using Flameout all the time and try out the proteins and maybe Superfood… just sayin…

Thanks for any info.

This should answer your question right here bud.


I couldn’t read it all cause I’m not a member of the site or whatever but it doesn’t sound good…looks like they were bogus or something. Hope that helps.

Yea I saw that after I posted but I’m not a member either, in the spirit of good investigation I might have to get a trial account just to see what the full story is. Judging by the ingredients, I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with the products, but it’s probably worth it to see if Surge Workout Fuel is NCAA compliant instead. Oh well, thanks for the help, Plaws, these might still be worth a try anyway. Time will tell.

look for yourself to see if workout fuel is compliant.

Training Day seems like the biggest POS supplement for the money. 44 bucks for 40 servings of some creatine and who knows how much L-Leucine. This supposed post workout formula doesnt provide the two most important things for recovery post workout…carbs and protein.

Caffeine is apparently a banned substances, according to that website. The “game time” formula has caffeine in it. So it really does seem like one big con to me.

I’ve actually tried the stuff so I can say without speculation (and I work at a GNC) that this stuff probably isn’t worth the $50 you’re going to pay for it. I don’t like the waxy maize they use for Pre and like marky said, there’s no carbs in the PWO. It’s not terrible stuff and it is NCAA compliant, the story posted is about the company no longer sponsoring the NCAA tourney. This could happen for a number of reasons. Probably has more to do with finances than anything with their supplements.

Thanks for the input fellas.

Yeah I actually had already tried to do some research on the WO fuel, and although there was nothing on the label that matched up with the new NCAA banned substances page, I still don’t know if any of the substances fall into any of the banned categories.

At some point I’ll give Biotest a call or e-mail and see if they have any info or can attest to it being compliant. Thanks for the link though.

I saw that they didn’t have any protein or carbs in it either, but I’m looking for a WO Fuel type of supp and thought these might be worth a try. I think there’s a limited amount of caffeine allowed, so the TD supp probably has the allowed amount in it.

I’m starting to side with you guys, though, the only way I’d try it would be at Gold Card price ($36 if I’m not mistaken). Thanks again for the help, guys.