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Anyone Tried the Roizo Grip Shirt?


Has anyone tried the Roizo GripGear shirt they used at the Arnold last year? The thing looks awesome and definitely looks like it would work. It’s $70 so definitely the most expensive t-shirt I would ever consider buying lol. I’m wondering how long it lasts mostly? How many uses and washes until the grip disintegrates? If it lasts a while definitely seems worth it.


I have two of them. They are solid and don’t appear to breakdown. However, I do not wash them in with other laundry. I treat it like a knee sleeve and wash it in the sink and air dry. Also, I only wear it when I’m getting close to a competition I will be using it in, and only for the event training I’d use it in. A quick rinse and hang keeps it from smelling horrible inbetween washes. If you take care of it you’ll get more than your $70 for sure. I can see where if it’s abused It would deteriorate.

It’s great for stone of steel, log (especially the rouge log), axle, circus dumbbell etc.


I own one. Seems to hold up to washing pretty well, although i dont wash it as often as i would a regular tshirt. Slightly different from the user above, i put it in the washing machine but i air dry it as well. I use it if im getting closer to a contest with log or axle (the grip doesnt work well for me with where i shoulder a DB).

If youre new to the sport, or money is tight, it’s not $70 you HAVE to spend. But if you compete seriously, and a slight edge in competition is worth $70 to you this will give you that edge (i hesitate to call it an advantage, it’s sort of like chalking your hands before a deadlift, in that it’s more a question of removing the disadvantage)


I personally would never pay that much for a shirt. My girlfriend got me one for valentines day, but one of the ones with grip only on the back (for squat/bench). I also own an A7 shirt with grip on the back.

The shirt itself is pretty nice. Bigger fit - I got medium and it fits like a large. The grip is really nice because unlike the A7, the grip goes through the fabric and also onto the skin, while the A7 only has grip on the surface level. When I get off the bench with the Roizo grip, it sounds like velcro, so it’s good to know I have a tight fit. My issue with Roizo was that it took forever to get. I think she ordered like mid Jan, and I got it in like April. The grip itself for the Roizo doesn’t look as good as the A7. In terms of material, I think A7 is nice because it feels more like a 50 dollar t shirt.

I’ve also put both accidentally in the dryer, and it didn’t negatively impact anything (not that I noticed right away)

Im thinking of getting an A7 Strongman grip shirt with grip all over the front.


I have one, and wash it when it gets stinky. Just put it in gentle cycle and it’s not been an issue. I do the same with my knee sleeves. I have the T7 shirts too, but not their strongman shirt. I like the T7 shirt, and if I didn’t have the other one already I think I’d go with the T7. Just preference. The Roizo is made out of slippery material, not the grippy parts just the shirt itself.


do you compete? I haven’t had much interaction with you on here, didn’t realize you were a strongman competitor. Good stuff :slight_smile:

So, Roizo was having major issues with filling orders late last year/early this year. From what I’ve heard, those issues have been largely resolved.


some of them are, some aren’t. The one I have is a heavy cotton.


I casually compete in powerlifting, and I’m doing highland games this summer for fun. I’ve done a local strongman meet (40lbs ago), but maybe I’ll do it again in the future.

My Roizo is also cotton, mine has grip only on the back.