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Anyone Tried the Ab Pavelizer?


Anybody buy one of these devices, the Ab Pavelizer put out by Pavel Tsatsouline?

Get good results? comments? I'm thinking of getting one



Honestly my "Zebalizer" leaves his pavelizer in the dust when it comes to ripping your abs to shreds....(eye roll)..


I think we should have a mma fight between Pavel and Matt Furey. The loser has to stop all of the shameless marketing, self promotion and selling of crap products for one year.

The winner (deep sigh) can go on sucking up as much money from gullible teens as possible....


I kinda knew I'd be asking for ridicule by posting this here.

But I'm no where near being a teen or newbie and I didn't get as big and strong as I am by being gullible.

I'll admit that Pavel and his site and the many offshoots are VERY commercial and always pushing their overpriced products. That said tho there are some very good articles and sound training info @ DragonDoor so I thought it worth asking about the Pavelizer.
it's based on the Janda situp.


It's good at what it's supposed to do. You can perform Janda situps without it though, I wouldn't pay for the device.




Just do the Janda sit-up. This is a minute detail embraced by an expensive product.

Good luck.



I think this is a good question. Very curious myself. My only suggestion is to check out an old review by Sugart in the archives. He reviewed Pav 1 in T-jack review which are excellent forums.


Matt Furey would totaly destroy pavel, I mean he does Combat Conditioning*!

*available now from mattfurey.com for the one time price of 699.99. Includes free 5 minutes live phone call with furey!


Hook a band to a power rack base and stretch it until it has tension, then put it around your ankles as you are doing situps. Seems to work the same way as the Pavelizer. Makes you fight to keep your feet on the ground by contracting your hamstrings.


lol...Nice one...


This is exactly what I do.


It works as advertised. FYI, don't get the old one, get the Pavelizer II, if your going to get one...better product.

This might very well be a worthwhile item for a gym to buy, as it saves you the time of setting up bands, but IMO it's not quite worth the price for an individual. I use Colin Ashmore's technique too, when I do these sit-ups.


While I appreciate the reference, lease don't call it my technique. I just stole it from a Westside article. Wish I had thought of it though.

take care


I have one. Its okay. Pretty pricey. I'd save your $


BTW, if you ever use a Pavelizer II, be careful which plates you use with it. They will take plates with elevated metal around the collar and a trough in between the collar and the rim normally--if you try to put on one of those older 25# weights that is more or less even in depth from collar to rim with just a few grooves in between, it will stick--the collar width is just a little bit too small. Someone messed up my machine trying to take one of these plates off.


I have nothing to add here, other than to say that is the silliest name I have ever heard given to an exercise device.


I agree, in a way. However, Money talks, Bullshit works! and NO-one can deny it, these guys are Fantasticly successful in their internet marketing.... and this is what all is about!
I admire their marketing success!!!

Re: Crap products - you may know it, I may know it, nobody makes us buy them.
the others, let them make up their own mind



Oh no question about it. Just like Suzanne Sommers "Thigh Master." Which by the way was to this day the most successful "Training device" ever sold on TV.

If nit wits want to purchase it......hey it's America go for it.

But when I see these things I can't for the life of me understand why someone would want to throw away their money, but they do huh?

I'm just about to begin advertising the "Zebilizer II." It's much better than the first one. Um...it has metal bearings where the first one had only plastic...that's why I can charge 10 bucks more for it.

I'm going to be selling it to teens, desperate fat people and those with low IQ's.


Send me a dozen! I don't care what it does or how much it costs. I need ripped abs, better sex and more hair!
As you can see from the pic in my avatar, I am fat, weak, bald, and the last peice I got near was...


Great, I'll send you 10 as soon as production begins.

The Zebilizer II will indeed rip your abs to shreds, grow hair on the top of your head and make you a stud in the bedroom.

And all for only $59.99!

How can you beat that?

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