Anyone Tried Teff Grain?

I normally eat oatmeal in the morning along with my eggs/meat or whatever - with the oatmeal i mix in blueberries and peanut butter. Got alittle sick of eating all the oatmeal

so I found this teff grain at the market and tried that too,

anyone have any experience with it? Mixing fruits or whatever?

here is a link to the nutrition information i found on amazon

I’ve used it in a mix before:

brown teff

equal portions of each, but needs prepared in a double boiler or just pay attention and stir it a lot. This stuff is like rocket fuel. I like to eat it before going on long distance mountain bike/back country snowboarding or race/competition days (about 1.5 - 2 hours pre-ride).

Lots of energy sustained throughout the day. Crazy high carb content (some protein and fat). I’ve put fresh berries/preserves, rasins or honey to help w/ adding flavor.