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Anyone Tried Syntrax Matrix?

I’m looking into buying Syntrax Matrix, a whey-casein blend that comes in vanilla, orange cream, and chocolate. Has anyone ever tried this powder and what do you think? I was reading a review of their NECTAR Whey and apparently that tastes pretty good, so I’m hoping the Matrix does as well.

nice to see they cut the soy from the formula within the last few months, still has a way to go before it is on par with Metabolic Driv and i question how much micellar casein they can afford to put in it, like a couple grams or so tops.

how much casein would you say is in Metabolic Drive? I was going to buy Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Casein but I was reading that it tastes like pure ass.

i’m guessing that Metabolic Drive has at least 8g of casein per 20g scoop, if not 9 or 10g. the 8g would represent the 60/40 whey/casein ratio of human milk, 10g would obviously be 50/50.

it would be cool if they could clarify the total whey and the total casein.