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Anyone Tried Subcutaneous Injections vs IM?

Hi guys, im new to trt and am on twice a week IM injections.

Having done a little research it seems there is a school of thought that subcutaneous injections taken more often result in more stable blood levels and perhaps less aromatisation

Im thinking about trying it, if for nothing other than im not looking forward to a lifetime of IM

Any of you other guys on TRT tried it? If so whats your schedule look like.

Really interested in getting some insight from guys who have tried this


You’ll get more answers if you post this is the TRT section. I’m sure the mods will move it for you.

It’s not really that bad if you use smaller needles than what the doc gives you.

You’ll get different opinions, but I believe oils -> muscle, water -> subQ. You can still dose more often if you want

I use subcutaneous TRT injections in belly with 25 gauge needle.

I hate SubQ injections: they give me hard, painful lumps that lasts for days if not a week or more. For my cruise dose of 100mg (0.4cc) twice a week, 200mg total, I pin IM with a 1/2" long insulin needle. It’s painless, quick and easy. If you’re pinning twice a week I doubt you’ll notice much difference in blood levels SubQ or IM.

Insulin needles are cheaper on Amazon

Seriously you TRT guys and your never ending quest to complicate it. Stick in your butt (glutes) one or twice a week and call it a day. That’s it. Simple.


I like that subcutaneously you don’t have to draw back on the needle to make sure you’re not in a vein. Every so often with IM injections I have sent a slug to my lungs, and that ain’t a picnic, unless you enjoy coughing for a few minutes.

All in your head bro…

I’ve doing this since 1977.

You don’t have to do this IM. Not ever. Rule #3 (or maybe it’s 5) is do not aspirate. If you’re aspirating it’s because someone once told you to and you never bothered to follow up. Nobody aspirates. Hell, nurses are no longer trained to aspirate.

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You’ve been having panic attacks since “1977” then. You’re not shooting up test IV. Do you know how difficult that would be to pull off? Let alone more than once?

It seldom happened, but when it did I very shortly after the injection had an involuntary urge to cough. I immediately had a medicine taste in my mouth. It took a few minutes for the coughing spell to end. I never talked about it with others I knew that injected.

I can only speak for my experiences. You can believe me or not. In either case, I know what I experienced.

My wife at that time was a respiratory therapist who had to take blood from arteries for blood gas tests. She said it took some skill to do that. But I didn’t hit an artery. It was a vein that I might hit.

Can you imagine how many injections that I have had since 1977? I took test (all kinds), deca, primo, methandriol, parabol (tren), equipoise, winstrol, and who knows what else IM through the '70’s, '80’s, and '90’s. I also did HGH (both real and synthetic), HCG, and thiomucase subcutaneously. Since the 2000’s I have been on TRT.

Maybe I’m a dumb old man making up crap?

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What’s your normal trt dose?

Sorry. I was in a pissy mood last night. You’re obviously not a newb to this and know your body. Sounds like you’ve had quite the ride!

So…high E2, low E2, levels unstable?

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My TRT is 100mg every 5 days. My last blood test (Dec2020) had my Total Testosterone a little over 700 (I can’t find my blood test results at this moment)


No excuses here just being a salty old man.

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Yes. I was “all in” in those days. Bodybuilding was who I was. It and my job, the financial means to compete, were the most important aspects of my life. And maybe that’s a sad commentary, but it was the way it was.

Now I try to help the up and comers I see in the gym.


Thanks for taking the time to reply, i appreciate it.

I see you say you are on 100mg every 5 days. Are you taking all of that in one shot? If so how much is that. Around 0.4ml? Its the next ting i was curious about. How much is ok to inject that way