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Anyone Tried SST Supplements?

Just wondering if anyone’s tried Eric Serrano’s supplements, specifically 100% MR or Muscle Synthethis. Both are BCAA/ essential amino acid products.

Supposedly they are superior since they are “pharmacutical grade” but who knows.

I’d appreciate any feedback from users of these. Thanks.

I used them. EXTREMELY expensive. What’s weird is when I was looking for the amino brakedown, it said “proprietary blend”. Now, now sure if he doesn’t want to give away his formula, or if it’s really no better than anything else out there. I am a big fan of Dr. Serrano(helped design some Beverly products which I am a huge fan of, also very $$$ though and his protege Scott Mendelson. Too bad the products were so expensive or I’d be using them.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for your input. Yeah they are damn expensive and that’s one of the reasons I asked on their effectiveness. I really have to question if they are worth the extra $ versus ICE from Xtreme Formulations or Biotest BCAA.

So I see you are a level 4 Biotest user…how would you rate your results with SST vs. Biotest, in terms of BCAA products?