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Anyone Tried PowerPeanut Butter?


Made from peanuts, flaxseeds, flax oil, egg whites...contains:

Fat - 20g/serving
Sat. Fat - 4g

Omega 3 - 7.5g
Omega 6 - 2.5

Carbs - 14g
Fiber - 6
Sugars - 6

Protein - 32g wow

A few vitamins...and the ingredients:

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, Dextrose, Wheat Germ, Egg Whites, Flaxseed Flax Oil, Salt And Molasses.

Any thoughts? Taste? Anyone? Bueler?


I heard it tastes good, as anything with peanuts and sugar (dextrose) would. For the money I think you'd be better off with regular old natural peanut butter and some other healthy fats.


I vaguely remember Shugs writing about this stuff not meeting label claims. Might want to check it out.


It failed label claims by a LOT (waaay less protein) plus it's outrageously expensive. Make your own - 1lb peanuts, a few scoops unflavored eggwhite powder, couple of tablespoons ground flax seed and some splenda. That's what I do. :slight_smile:


Here is the old thread:



Anyone tried that new Skippy Natural? It's got some sugar in it(3g per serving), but other than that the ingredients are peanuts, sunflower seed oil, and salt. Best of all there's no mess with the oil separation and it doesn't have to be refrigerated so it doesn't turn to cement. And it's a lot cheaper than the fancy natural stuff. I used to get the Smuckers natural but that was like over $1 more.


I actually bought some "PowerButter" a few months back. I didn't like it. It has a weird flavor and texture. It's pretty much been sitting my fridge since I bought it. Meanwhile, the two jars of natural peanut butter are consistently being used. My advice, skip it and just stick with the regular stuff.


I love natural PB...just wonderin about this stuff....I doubt i'd ever drop 34$ for some peanutbutter.


http://www.peanutsnack.com/ Check this out. I LOVE IT--nutrition claims are reasonable and I just bought some for $3.50/16 oz jar.

You do have to stir and refrigerate, but that's ok w/ me.




I thought the oil seperation was a healthy characteristic of natty pb? Also, I dont refridge my pb. It keeps just fine.


I agree REAL peanut butter should seperate and have no ingrediant in it aside from possibly salt.

The only positive to refridgeration is that you can stir it when chilled and it wont seperate much, But its a NMother to spread


I tried it; I liked it a lot. It was easy to eat a large amount of calories, and the simple sugars from the honey left me feeling like I had a lot of energy, no sugar crash.

I think that it's a shame that the company that produces it misrepresented the protein content; that took the wind of the product's sails.

Is it worth the price? It depends how much money you have, what you want to spend it on, etcetera. For my part, I bought 5 pounds of it, loved it, put it away over the course of less than a week, and I haven't bought any more since.

The price tag starts to look a LITTLE better when you consider the high price of organic Peanut Butter as opposed to Jiff, Skippy, and the like.


You ate 5 lbs. of peanut butter in less than a week??