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Anyone tried Power to the People

Hello all.

Anyone tried Power to the People the bear routine for size by Pavel Tsaotsaline? I heard thta it can give great results in size and strength. Really?

how does the routine go: exercises, rep, sets training frequency?

reply please! Thanx!

I am finishing my third week of Bear Training today (I’ve renamed it “Gorilla Training” to suit my tastes). In all honesty I have NEVERhad so much progress of of any single program, from shoulder developement to abdominal definition (heavy pulling will do that). For each workout (every other day amounting to 4X a week) I would do only 2 exercises (Day I: Deadlift, Bench Day II: Hang Cleans and Deadlift/Shrugs)followed by some ab work. I did anywhere from 5-12 sets of each until I could no longer perform 4-6 reps within 80% of my max. Pavel is a capitalist disgusied as a proponent of “The Party”, the people on the Dragon Door Forum are, in generalization, complete fucking idiots (ESPECIALLY concerning nutrition) but Bear Training works, bro. Any other questions jsut toss 'em up on the post. Lata.

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Thanks for the reply!

Do you know the routine he suggests for size?
I mean exercise, sets,reps training frequncy.

You say that you do deadlift+bench on day 1 and deadlift/shrug on day 2? How often do you train per week on that routine?

What you do deadlift multiple days in a row?
what is dealdift/shrug . Two different exercise or one combo?

reply please! I really need to know the program. thanx!

1 set, 5 reps, 2nd set -10%, 3-5 minutes rest. 3-? set, another 10% reduction, no more than 90 seconds rest. Although I liked it, I tweaked it and didn’t increase caloric intake. Cut up pretty good for me. Staley’s program is similar, and I like its simplicity (in application, not performance). Read about GVT 2K here as well as Charlie’s http://t-mag.com/articles/196dens.html
and then go to the dragon door site and go to the articles page and look for Glenn Sunshine’s article. You may start seeing a common thread. Good luck. I am combining a EDT/Q2 session with day 1 power clean and press A1, Chin A2 for 10 minutes, reverse crunches for 2 (I know, I know, but I have NEVER trained abs.) day two Bench, Row, Stiff deads, for 15, ax chops for 2. M,T Th,F. strive to up the time first, then work on upping weight.