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Anyone Tried Oxanabolon?

Has anyone else tried this product by BCI its called Oxanabolon? This is my 2nd time taking it and love the results on average about 10lb gain strength up about 20 to 40lbs on most lifts the big 3.
Just wanted some feed back about it or other products that might be suggested?
Thank you

I read that it is an h-drol clone; might wanna ask on the Steroid forum about this supplement.

Never heard of it, or the company that sells it. Looks a little more expensive than most designer/PHs, but I guess if it works and you’re staying healthy…

It’s too early in the morning to decipher the ochem nomenclature, so I’d be grateful for anyone (errr, Bill?) that can rescue me. It does looks very similar to an halodrol clone (which is a prohormone to oral turinabol), as B rock says, but it looks like there is at least one difference… a keto substitution (C=O) at C11. Mmm, halodrol also seems to have an extra double bond between C1=C2 (1,4 diene, as opposed to 4-ene).



OP - If I had to guess, I’d say that it’s probably a variation of an existing compound (hdrol), tweaked a bit so that it evades the next, inevitable FDA ban list. Second guess would be that I goofed on the nomenclature, and they’re exactly the same, lol.

Either way, it’s a 17-methyl, so you should be caring for your liver (liv52, milk thistle etc…). You should also use a proper PCT (please see the stickies in this forum) afterwards.

If it is an H-Drol clone, it’s a rip-off, $60 bottle v. $30 for H-Drol

it is indeed a designer steroid

Oxanabolon is the same as
Nomenclature: 4-chloro-17 -methyl- etioallochol-4-ene- 17 -ol-3,11-dione
Pill Size: 7.5mg
Dosages: 7.5-22.5mg daily
Side effects: Heptatoxicity from 17a-methylation. Very low androgenic sides.
Retion: Despite por belief, this is not the most myotrophic designer out there: it has the highest Q factor. It is actually only about 77% as myotrophic as the active present in Havoc/Epistane/Hemaguno. Users taking Oxyguno can expect mass gains as well as excellent fatloss. Due to it’s incredibly low androgenic ratio, strength gains are not as pronounced

different name is all
I cant find much info on it to be honest.
it is not a halo clone its different in structure.
i will allow the PH guys to hit on this as I dont have much knowledge on prohromes/prosteroids

but with what i can see this is basically a steroid and you should have a proper pct lined up as if you were injecting actual steroids.
again do not take my word for it.

[quote]MaddyD wrote:
Oxanabolon is the same as

or that :slight_smile:

good job!

So where do you find PCT’s? From your doctor, over the counter?

do lots of reading in the Steroids forum please. PLENTY of info there

[quote]coach foley wrote:
So where do you find PCT’s? From your doctor, over the counter?

a “proper” pct would consist of a serm and an AI
both obtained by prescription or by a “research company” they are a Gray area.

if you have a good and understanding doctor you can tell them that that you took an otc supplement and after the fact you did research on it and found it to be a prosteroid and you would like a script for arimidex and nolvadex, (note noLvadex not noVAdex) Nolva is NOT otc
mention you would like to make sure your blood levels are up to par and you did not surpress your endocrine system any by taking an androgen. and you would like to run a proper pct as suggested by your research.
hopefully you will get the “steroids are bad and will give you cancer” bullshit speech and he will give you the AI and the serm.

or you can do it alone get some from a research chem site and run a standard pct as suggested in the serm and ai stickies.

any other questions dont be fraid to ask.

I have never heard of a single GP/PCP deciding to give a SERM for someone wanting to ‘PCT’ with it.

You are 99% likely to get - “…Uh… well you shouldn’t have done that should you, and there is no way i can just give you drugs to be used for off label reasons simply because you asked. Lets hope you learned your lesson…”

The MAJORITY of GP’s/PCP’s are not going to give you a drug you ask for, simply because you know about it enough to ask - that is suspicious in their eyes. They are also not going to accept your reasoning without their own findings - why would they prescribe on some unqualified diagnosis? They will want bloods, likely twice, and if they are dicks (most GP’s i have met are arrogant and complacent in their work) they wont entertain you at all.

I went to the GP after getting a slight but real case of Gyno for the first time - back in 2000 or so. I had injected 250mg Organon Sust a week and in the second week after the second injection i noticed the small puffy lump.
I went to the GP - shitting my pants, obviously discontinued the Testosterone, and asked for some Tamoxifen. She felt my chest and confirmed gyno then said she couldnt prescribe as it wasnt used for that.
I explained that it was a selective estrogen antagonist and it would attach to the breast gland receptors preventing worsening of the symptoms due to the long acting esters of the test used… and she said simply - “No. You should not inject yourself with anything without medical supervision. Dont do it again.”

I did do it again, but i also used an AI - many years later, and continue to do so safely and effectively.

Never start a cycle with no ancillaries - you will be lucky to get help from a local medical doctor - even if they simply want you to be punished for your actions.


so true brook.
which is why I mentioned if he had an understanding and good doctor.

however more likely that will lead to nowhere.
might be different being that Op obviously thought it was a legit supplement and was not intending on using AAS or any prohormones/steroids.(speculation)

if he didnt know what he was taking like 90 some odd percent of the public that may lead to a little more understanding.
maybe worth a try if he wants to go that route and possibly get turned down.
then there are the other option mentioned. which personally I would go that route first

the doctor route he can possibly get blood work done to see if a pct would even be needed
and see if he has done any damage with this product.
again if he wants to go that route
all up to the op really,

I know a guy who tried the exact same thing recently but the doctor told him instead of asking for NOLVADEX he should just stop taking steroids
he wouldnt even give him 1 box of nolva and went on a rant aboout nolvadex can do damage

it reminded me of when i went to hospital once to get fluid drained after injecting what i think was unsterile gear
the doc told me steroids wouldnt help me gain weight ,would destroy my tendons of any muscle i injected into after around 3 injections and also wouldnt make me gain any more muscle

since then i have gained nearly 40lbs of new muscle so id like to go back and show him the results of my experiments!