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Anyone Tried Oxanabolic?

Hi guys, anyone tried it yet?
good or to good to be true?

come on guys no one heard /tried it ?
after BD gone it’s so hurd to fing good ANAVAR .this is looks to me legit ,needs your feedbacks guys.

Are you guys all actually just one troll that keeps changing his username? You all type exactly the same.

You’ve been here since 07. When’s the last time you’ve seen talk about specific labs on this board?

I doubt you are a superstar…

It’s true i’ve been away for long time but still it’s not nice to be rude.

I’m not asking specific labs in this forum I tring to know if some others guys meet this goods before, it’s not the same to post a pic and ask fake or real? correct me if I’m wrong and still need your comment ,thnx

anavar is good stuff. If you trust your source, which you should if you bought it, go for it. If not have it tested/dump it.