Anyone Tried Myogenx?

Has anyone tried this? Would it work with Rez-V?

You can and should take Rez-V continuously, regardless of testosterone boosters that you may take.

If you take Myogenx you should cycle it. I have taken it before. I did not do blood work and I could not tell if it helped or not.

Honestly very little is known about fadogia.

Anthony Roberts pimps it pretty hard.

Preliminary research articles looked good a few years ago:

Recent article from 2008 by same author scared me:

I do not want to take a chance of doing permanent toxicity to my balls.

CONCLUSIONS: The alterations brought about by the aqueous extract of Fadogia agrestis stem are indications of adverse effects on the male rat testicular function and this may adversely affect the functional capacities of the testes. The recovery made at the dose of 18mg/kg body weight as used in folklore medicine suggests that it does not exhibit permanent toxicity at this dose.