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Anyone Tried Krill Oil?


Does anyone have any experience with this, as opposed to the garden variety fish oil? I imagine it would have a lower mercury content due to being low on the food chain. Has anyone tried this?


I'm pretty sure that most fish oil is purified and they have negligible amounts of mercury. So if that's your main concern, then don't worry about it.

Plus, most oils use fish that aren't high on the food chain anyways.


Krill oil's omega 3's are in the form of ALA, which relies on an inefficient conversion process in the body to turn it into the good longer chain omega 3's, DHA and EPA. If you're not a vegan/vegetarian I wouldn't take anything but fish oil. Compare specific quantities of DHA and EPA (what actually counts) in fish oil vs krill oil.


I'm not really that concerned about it, more that krill oil is 75%-%80 off on vitacost, but i'd rather not buy snake oil. supposedly it's in a phospholidip form rather than trigliceride and thus more effective, but i dont know anything about chemistry, and that means next to nothing to me.


Since when?


Poliquin says not to even bother with it. Apparently, everyone jumped on the krill oil craze and then it's quality started to degrade. Just stick with fish oil

You might want to do a search next time. Many are not so forgiving around here.


Krill oil is better than salmon oil which is better than fish oil. I posted a few scientific studies in another one of my threads that shows this - try to search with my name as a parameter.


Thibs says this too. Flameout FTW.


thanks for the comments, guys. a search didnt reveal anything meaningful i could see, and google was ambiguous.

it was so cheap, i couldn't resist, i'll post up in a lil while if i notice any difference one way or the other. I've tried both generic fish oil and Flameout.

and musick, your thread seems to have disapeared into the nether. your log shows the comments lead to an empty link.


As far as getting the full benefits of fish oil, it is important to purchase that has not been distilled and that is not likely to be rancid.

Because of the purity of the waters from which it is obtained, oil from wild Alaskan Salmon does not need to undergo distillation to remove contaminants like mercury or PCBs. Instead this salmon oil can be cold filtered.

Wild salmon contains natural astaxanthin from their natural diet of zooplankton. Farmed salmon are given astaxanthin as a feed additive which is a synthetic isomer that has different health effects than the natural form of the pigment.