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Anyone Tried Joe Defranco's 'Built Like a Badass'?


Has anyone tried the Built like a Badass Program? I’m thinking of giving it a go. The only problem is I was used to training Barbell style from SS, and 531. I know Joe Defranco uses a type of Westside template with more assistance. Has anyone had success here doing that style of training?


I googled this out of curiosity. I didn’t read the entire 22 page explanation but what I did read was in the voice of Rex Kwon Do.


It’s a fun program. Quite tough, particularly the finishers.

I personally would go with WS4SB. It’s Defranco’s most popular program and for good reason. It’s one of the best out there in my opinion.


If your goals are to feel athletic, build a little size and strength, then bad ass is for you.
If you get training ADD and need to do extra workouts etc then WS4SB is better off.
It’s a fun program and the changing workouts are great however some people don’t like that you choose either a squat OR a deadlift.
When I did it, I alternated the squat and the deadlift each week and tbh it worked quite well. But like most people with an attaboy attitude I found myself looking for other workouts.
If you do it, and I do recommend it, then commit to it and don’t stray.
Think of it as you only have three chances a week to empty your fucking tank, so make every second in the gym count!


Yep it works well, basically a bastardised version of 5/3/1. Also posture improved a lot with all those pullups