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Anyone Tried Iso Whey?


I was wondering if any body has tried GNC iso whey protein. I have used it for a while and I do not think it has done crap to help with anything. Has anybody had any results using this??

I have now switched to ON 100% whey protein which is popular. I hope this stuff works.


What are you expecting protein powders to do for you?


Why would anyone want to use a whey-only protein powder? It's not 1995 anymore. We know better now.


Wow. Dude. You gotta explain that one.


Barr I believe that to be two different statements.

Let me explain:

First he is asking the question.

Why would anyone want to use whey only protein?

He is genuinely wondering why.

Second he is pointing out to everyone that it isn't 1995 anymore. Simply put, he is just reminding people that it is 2005 now, in case people didn't realize.

So in saying:

It's not 1995 anymore

He is just pointing out for all the viewers that just tuned in.

Hope This Helps


I just want a blend of proteins with some casein in there for 95% of my protein powder needs. I only want whey-only after a workout basically. The 1995 comment was concerning how whey was marketed as the end-all, be-all protein at one time, though I guess it still is.


Popularity isn't always a sign of what is the right choice.

Enron was once very popular.

Give Grow! a shot.


Dave is kinda right.I use a combination of Whey and Casein,and somtimes add in soy and egg protein.


I see you're still taking your stupid pills.


Don't get him started or he'll begin recommending NO explode again.


Ok, thanks for the advice everyone


Oh, and in reply to "What are you expecting protein powders to do for you?" I expect them to help me recover, and maybe help put on a little weight/extra muscle if I take it enough.


Protein powders are just food.

They will help you get adequate protein intake, but there's nothing otherwise magical about them.

Your focus should be on increasing caloric and protein intake through your diet first and then use protein supplements to fill in the gaps.


Hey ChineseMatt,

Based on your protein supplement of choice, I am assuming (possibly incorrectly) that you are fairly new to T-Nation. I recommend that you check out the "New to T-Nation?" thread, and take a look at some of the nutrition & supplement articles. Very enlightening stuff. Good luck. Latah.


GNC pro performance brand proteins are made by optimum nutrtion (ON) so if you not getting the results your looking for you wont get them with ON either.

Also protein isnt supposed to work any wonders...like someone said above its basically food...maybe your not getting enough of it or maybe its the fact that its a whey isolate instead of a blend.

But yeah the 100% made by on is the same exact protein as 100% whey pro performance...just different packaging.


Damn,you're so smart! You can act like a child and make fun of the supplements I use.Way to go! So,I mad a stack of NO explode, Spike, and other stuff.It has worked for me.Thats my opinion and thats my business.

As for soy,soy isn't unhealthy,it's how it's processed.I've been taking soy for a few years and never got those "man boobs".Most of those "theories" are stupid opinions that were funded by the meat and dairy industry.Just like how the whole "milk being bad for you" is funded by pissed off vegeterians. Now go to bed.It's passed both of your guys bedtime.


I don't recall ever "making fun of" NO2 products, although I have discouraged their use. If anything, I was making fun of you.

Soy and NO2. Now that's funny!


Actually, similar to what ChrisKing said, I was making fun of you and your stubborn choice of supplements, not the supplements themselves. Supplements don't cry and throw amusing little hissy fits when you make fun of them.

So how is the soy protein you take processed?

So ... you think this site is funded by the meat and dairy industry?

Supposing you're right and Biotest is really a sinister front for the meat and dairy industry. Would this necessarily mean that these "theories" are false?

And are all "theories" which are funded by someone therefore false?


i've never tried iso whey, but like someone said the gnc pro preformance is produced by ON, so i guess i've had it.

i like ON whey protein, and i can find it dirt cheap for 10lbs. and before people role their eyes about not supporting t nation i p/u Spike and RED KAT from here and not Grow!. why? because the volume of protein powder i supplement to my whole food intake it would take 9.5 containers of grow with 40 gram servings to meet my needs. sorry kind of broke with life for that kind of $$ for my hobby.

anyway protein (even powdered) is food, and if you want to increase stength, size, and recovery you need a lot of it along with your good carbs and healthy fats. so find something from a reputable company (like ON) at a price you can afford and just keep eating (and if thats Grow! from Biotest then more power to ya).

if its iso whey, or cocentrate i suggest mixing it with milk (whole, 1, or 2%) and maybe a serving of instant oatmeal and fish oil caps mixed in to slow down the digestion of it. that's a filling shake between whole meals thats worked for me (mmm tasty). and straight whey with water for pre and post workout comsumption.
just my 2cents.


Maybe you need to educate yourself about how soy is made.Soy has been consuemd for hundreds of years.If I want to eat grass everyday then thats my business.Why don't you stop crying like a little baby because someone eats soy.OMG! Call Bush! Stephen just ate soy!

In the processing of soy protein isolate ,hexane is often used,which is a petroleum solvent similar to gasoline.I make my own soy shakes at home.