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Anyone Tried Icariin 60%?


I found a provider of Icariin with a 60% extract. Most, if not all, that you will find are 10% to 20% low doses to feel and see the impact on NO.

At these levels Icariin acts as a PDE5 inhibitor which provides for great pump and vascularity. Also, it act just like Viagra in that regard as an added benefit it provides for better and stronger erections.

I Googled "Icarrin PDE5" and found a number of clinical studies that support all of this and more.

Have any of you taken Icariin at this level of extract and if so what were your experiences?



ive taken 500-1000mg at 10% and it had minimal if any effect pump wise. vascularity was slightly increased. and besides, if it truly did produce a pump and increased vascularity it would be in every nitric oxide product on the market.