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Anyone Tried HP Mass Program w/ Martial Arts?

Not to hate you bro, but i’ve been forged in the flames of Kyokushin karate as a kid. So i’m pretty hardcore by nature.

Now i really love the pyramid explosive concept, BUT as i’ve always believed - what matters is Effort in the right direction.

HP Mass seems like the best direction, but i don’t really see that m*therfucking powerlifting effort that steems from Wendler’s program. That’s why I love AND hate CT.

[quote]kaisermetal wrote:
you seem like a bunny on crack =) i hope you enjoy your training and trip.[/quote]

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Mitizaro you’re an entertaining dude. I hope you get the balance you’re looking for.

Thank you, guys - you’re awesome! :slight_smile:

May the BarBell Force be with all of us!! :slight_smile: