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Anyone Tried Glycobol?


Has anyone tried this insulin-mimicker, either cutting, bulking or recomping? Any success? A little unsure about when to take it- bottle says take 2 caps with a high-carb meal in the AM and 2 more with a high carb meal in the PM. It says no more than 4 a day but also says take 2 caps pre-workout. Confused!

Reading around other forums, some people are recommending taking it as soon as you wake and right after your workout- contradicting the bottle directions.



it seems similar (at least from my readings) to indigo3G


I have used Glycobol during a cut and it works very well. performs similar functions as Poliquin's insulin protocol. Due to the use of vanadium (BMOV)more then 4 pills shouldn't be taken. I took two upon waking, and two 30 minutes prior to my highest carb meal.


I gained 4ish lbs of muscle whilst loosing 2 lbs of fat from one pack (4 weeks). I just had 2 pills before 2 meals that where evenly spaced out but I always tried to have it with a pre workout meal as it gave me a pump better than any preworkout supp. Just a warning if you do decide to get some it turns you shit dark green. I read about it in a few logs before I tried it and it's true.


thanks for the replies fellas.

how would you recommend eating then when taking it- i've read about people who intended to cut with it but the muscle gains convinced them to actually turn to a bulk. I've heard also of people who aimed to bulk cleanish with it who actually ended up losing fat in addition to gaining muscle


my favourite way to take glycobol is 1/1/1/1 instead of 2/2. i take it with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and my postworkout shake.

i believe its 30g-50g of carbs per pill. so i prefer to take it with each meal and 40g of carbs, instead of 2 meals and the 80-100g of carbs required for 2 pills.


I believe FattyFat has. There was a thread on insulin mimickers recently on this sub forum. You'll need to search for it. The FF reference comes from that thread.


Update- took my first batch of Glycobol today- two with my pre-workout meal, one immediately post-workout before my whey/dextrose shake and one with a carby meal in the afternoon. Obviously it's too early to say yet but I definitely felt more 'fired up' during the workout and the pump one of the best I've had in ages. Strength was good, bit better than usual.


Has anyone ever experienced any gastrointestinal issues while using it? That is the only negative feedback I've read so far, but it could very well be anti-marketing from competitors.


I've been sh*tting a little bit more frequently, but not in an uncomfortable kind of way. Oh and it's kind of green. But who cares- I'm not aware of government sh*t colour inspectors in town! Other than that, nothing- and my stomach is usually very very sensitive.

Do you guys think it'd be a waste of effort fitting in sprints whilst I'm trying this stuff out on a bulk, or should I just stick to standard leg days?


Thank you for the feedback, a few green terds would not discourage me. I get that usally if I eat a big spinach salad.

As far as the sprinting, it seems a little counterproductive. If glycobol is in fact an effective nutrient partitioner, then excess fat accumulation during a bulk should not be an issue (given you arent eating way too much for your muscle building needs). With that said if you are sprinting for conditioning and not to prevent fat gain then go right ahead.


FYI about the green stools. The vanadium in glycobol is a bright blue color. that mixed with the brownish-yellow of stool makes green


lmao not really. the AI reps said its from the berberine, which detoxes the liver from bile or something and makes your shit green. it goes away in a few days once your liver is detoxed.

"Berberine increases bile flow, thus it also cleans out the liver. If the stools are darker for a few days, it likely means mild preexisting biliary obstruction. The green color means it's getting expelled. Once stools resumes normal color (a week or two at the most I'd think), you know your liver is back in a healthy relationship with your gall bladder. If you do not get this side effect, it means your liver was already in good shape. Dark stools are not a concern for liver issues, it's very light stools that are cause for concern."


i may be totally wrong here, hopefully the more experienced guys can chime in too. but from my understanding sprinting releases growth hormone, and if you follow it up with glycobol and carbs which releases insulin, it somehow combines and produces IGF-1. and IGF-1 is highly anabolic. i read it somewhere but i could be ass backwards on this one lol. ill try and find the study.


OK WBB, that's interesting. It's been bugging me a bit, the idea of abandoning the sprinting in this 'bulk' phase trying to gain clean mass with the Glycobol. Wonder if it might be worth eating a calorific surplus but letting the sprinting provide some anabolic stimulus to help me grow?


glycobol isnt a life saver. id keep the sprinting just to keep metabolism revved up if youre bulking with alot of carbs. even with strict, strict carbohydrate intake of <125g a day and glycobol, i got fat in a few days. carbs just arent my friend. ill be in the anabolic diet thread from now on LOL.

i ordered 2 bottles of glycobol last month, so im set for a years worth of weekend carbups :slightly_smiling:


I feel your pain- carbs have never really been my friend either. A lot of my 'early' fitness enthusiasm was built around sport and balls-to-the-wall explosive cardio so I really feel I miss it when I focus elsewhere.

Thinking about trying out eating slightly over maintenance (2900-3000ish) and mix up sprint days with weights sessions on a 1:1 ratio, like for example:


I figure that works out at around 5 days training a week, built evenly around strength training aimed at really bulking on some mass, complemented by potentially anabolic cardio that'll control fat gains, especially when combined with the nutrient partioning of Glycobol.


John Meadows has made his own nutrient partitioning supp, MD's Ultimate Glucose Disposal Agent. Anyone had any experience with it?




Ordered first bottle today, will post updates and a review when finished.