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Anyone Tried Enclomiphene?

Hello guys, has anyone tried Enclomiphene Citrate for PCT to restart HPTA or treat low T symptoms?

I have ordered one from India. Few people on reddit had good androgen increase with it.

So it is legit and it works. But also 2 guys claimed it crashed their E2. How is that possible?


It’s good. Some shady sources will sell aromatase inhibitors and label it as enclomiphene or nolva to save some money. If your source is who I think it is, you’re all good.

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Thanks. May i ask what would you prefer?
Tamoxifen or Enclomiphene?
I think both have the same E2 spike effect even though Enclomiphene don’t have the zuclomiphene in it which is an Estrogen agonist?

I want high T with 20-30 E2. ( I already have 30 E2 with 460 TT)

Also do you know anything about tapering down a SERM with an AI? Why people do that? What is the common dosage?

Hello guys, i was wondering what is the best and safest protocol to taper off Tamoxifen? I heard people do this.

Why they do at the end of pct? To prevent E2 spike up?
What is the dosage and usage?

Would just a half of a pill at the end of the PCT help prevent the E2 increase?

I don’t want to crash my E2 below normal. I am thinking to do 6 weeks low dose Tamoxifen to treat low T. Thanks.