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Anyone Tried DIM?


Has anyone tried DIM for E2 Control and if so did it lower E2? Currently on Adex 1mg per week, however the side effects are nasty. Any other E2 control suggestions would be appreciated.



increasing cortisol can help control aromatase (if your cortisol is below ideal levels per blood tests)

I was taking 2mg Arimidex daily at one point to try and control my estrogen, and now have stopped completely since I have worked on fixing my thyroid rt3 issues and my low cortisol.


Bill, there are no known side effect from anastrozole in these small male doses. That does not mean that such cannot occur [very rare if so].

One can feel very bad if E2 goes very low, noting that that is a secondary and not direct effect. In that case, one reduces the dose. In most such cases, we see the typical 1mg/week dose and the low E2 is from being an anastrozole over-responder. This is not documented in medical literature. One should then stop, then resume on day 6 at 1/4th the dose.


What about cheap clones from research labs ? Any stories or rumors regarding them ? Is their use common and low risk ?


Not sure how rare these side effects are, I have them too. 0.25mg twice per week, this is the second attempt using anastrozole, both with the same result - joint stiffness, arthritic like pain, weakness.

It's not estradiol tanking, because my levels measure optimal.


I have been on Arimidex for 1 month now and eventhough am at a low dose am still getting the joint stiffness and weakness. Any one have any suggestions on how else to manage E2?


On other forums I frequent there are also plenty of examples of these side effects occuring from arimidex (AI's in general perhaps?).

Some discussion on strategies to deal with this might be worthwhile - it does have me considering ceasing HRT in general, which is unfortunate because I thoroughly enjoy the benefits.


the #1 thing you can do (in my opinion) is optimize your cortisol (and thyroid) function which will have a direct impact on your estradiol levels.

That plus reducing your T dosage so that you are not artificially pushing yourself above your unique genetic optimal testosterone level.

i.e.- I use to be on 200mg T-Cyp total weekly and could never get my estrogen under control even on 2mg Arimidex daily. I am now on 30mg T-Cyp EOD (105mg weekly) with no Arimidex - because I boosted my cortisol and got that under control.