Anyone tried deep sand walking for calves???

I can’t run due to a prolapsed disc so currently do giant sets for calves - 20 reps seated then 20 reps heel raises on the machine, then immediately bodyweight raises. i repeat this 10 times no rest. then sand walk 40 minutes so far great size beyond weights alone

sounds like a lot of volume. how often do you do this routine. Do you ever use heavy weight? laters pk

Yes I have tried ecery weight training calf routine, heavy weight get me v strong but virtually no size. The largest my vcalves have been was as a 10 000m runner and they were almost 18" at 140lbs, that was with 6 days of running/week soprobably about 15000 reps, it’s all volume and the negative for me.

volume is the key, i always got a good calve workout when doing a sprint workout with my sprint shoes. Suprisingly it did not take that many sprints to induce an affect. My calves are decently strong but i’m still trying to add more size to them in any way. Too bad i don’t have time for high volume routines. laters pk

cyclists all have decent and large calves, and it comes from nothing but sitting your arse on a bike for 2-3 hours a day and peddling. Im lucky that years of riding has given me big calves, but they arent as strong as you would think. WOnder if repeated movements cause them to grow better than heavy ?

Yep, it fries my calves. The problem is: I don’t live near a beach; it’s tough on my feet!