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Anyone Tried Dave Palumbo's Keto Diet??


Hi, has anyone tried doing Palumbo's Keto Diet? Did you have any luck with it? I do best on low carb, and I've lost a little body fat. It's been two weeks though, and I've only dropped a couple pounds. I was already doing low carb, but it's even lower on this diet. I've been very careful to follow it exactly.


Some people need to keep their carbs in check if their bodies are going to dig in to their fat stores. However, I would never recommend a traditional ketogenic diet. I've always felt that it's too risky in terms of muscle loss (hence metabolic slowdown). Cyclical keto approaches work much better. Essentially low carbing it for a few days with slight bump-ups to reset everything.



It should just be called " The Palumbo Diet" --- no mention of "keto." A TRUE ketogenic diet is much higher in fats and much lower in protein. It is NOT ideal for Bodybuilders.

Daves is just a high pro , moderate fat, low carb approach, hardly relying on ketone bodies for fuel, moreso a mixture of glucose (protein turnover) and ketones here and there.

I personally like ALOT of diets -- it just depends on your current situation. How in shape of out of shape you are, how much energy do you expend each day, sedentary job etc....

I personally rather diet with carbs if possible --- I find myself more insulin sensitive and more tolerant --- this makes carbing up for a show MUCH more reliable.



It's a good diet for the average person I think, or someone who doesn't have too much mass, but I recall hearing that a lot of bodybuilders were kind of going away from Dave Palumbo's pre-contest approach and going for a more week-by-week decrease in carbs things (ala Shelby Starnes).


One of the biggest complaints i hear is him giving a Super heavy Weight, the same calories and macros as a middle weight.

I know this because 2 local National guys worked with him and compared diets.

That is cookie cutter laziness ....



IMO People don't really hire him for his dieting expertise, they hire him for his advice on using PEDs.



Is this for a competition? Also read up on the velocity diet.


It could be for competition...I'm giving all I've got to my diet and training and will see how I'm doing by mid-March. If I'm down enough bodyfat then I'm going to do a novice bikini comp. in my area.


Looked at the Velocity Diet....5 shakes a day?? Not for me, looks too much like "slim fast." I kinda like the texture of eating real food.


yeah screw the Velocity Diet... just eat good food and structure your carbs around and after the workout (if you have any).


His drug advice is also strange. I currently training with NABBA competitor from FRance and he said Palumbo was a terrible coach -- in that his diet was very copy and paste, no real tweaks, just increase cardio every week, When he sent pictures and he KNEW he looked not on track -- Dave would reply " yep looks good" "yep, looks good" ---- then finally he said " I am not very confident competing at this show" --- Dave says -- " well , if you aren't confident, neither am I"

and his drug advice was generic and not good for a 250lb Super....gh ---Day 1 (1iu) Day 2 (2iu) Day 3(3iu) ----repeat process ---WTF ....lol



Well, I certainly can't comment on drug protocols, but I did sit in on one of his seminars at the gym where they brought me in to speak about dieting (the owner wanted to get my opinions on Dave's approaches, I didn't pay to attend). The whole thing came across as a sales pitch for his supplement line, and while he does seem a knowledgeable guy, it's all very slanted in how he presents stuff. Not to get into a pissing match, because there are many many ways to do something, but I disagreed with a lot of his ideas.... Pleasant guy though, I've spoken to him at a few local shows before.



I understand completely --- as I have given seminars to local competitors and debunked or argued many of his dieting strategies since most of his clients ---- recycle his diet directly to their innocent "newbie" clients whom have ZERO clue about their trickled down copy N paste diet.

Its pretty unfair that this happens so commonly --- people do anything to make a quick easy buck.



I did palumbos ketogenic diet. I didn’t like it. I was flat, no energy, and I hated my life. Plus the weekly cheat meal was fun to eat for the first 3 bites. After that I was full as hell and felt full all night. Couldn’t sleep. Then going back to the diet for 6 dayswas a nightmare. It became a countdown until my next cheat meal cycle. I do way better on a are rotation diet from Chris Aceto. Just my 2 cents.


I couldn’t agree more with this.


I hired Dave Palumbo for a contest Diet in 2011. He got me shredded for the stage after my shows I still ate VERY clean but still went from 123lbs on stage to 160lbs. I now have thyroid issues. I’m now in off season and am 6lbs from last years stage weight. I have an awesome coach now that doesn’t do a cookie cutter diet. I’m not saying this is what happens with everyone but that was just my experience.