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Anyone Tried Dan John's 10,000 Swing KB Workout?


I’m taking a break from 5/3/1 due to time constraints, plus I’ve been having a problem motivating lately, so I think I need a change of pace for a month or two. I read an article on this site from Dan John titled 10,000 swing kettlebell challenge, and my main question is if it’s intended for more advanced athletes. I’m basically a low level intermediate lifter at best, so I was just curious if that program would be too much and if so could it be scaled back to accommodate a less experienced poorly conditioned lifter. I don’t want to puss out and scale back too much, but I also don’t want to try and tackle a program intended for advanced lifters either. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.


If you can stand up straight this workout’s for you.

A buddy and I tried it about 4 years ago using a 55 lb kettlebell but no accessory work. I got leaner but didn’t notice strength increase; perhaps accessory stuff is for strength maintenance. If you try it, work up to as high a weight as you can and experiment with set reps. I found 4 sets of 25 = 100 was easiest way–mentally–to do 500 a day; 50 rep sets were a mental ball buster for me.

This workout absolutely guarantees blisters in new places–like the sides of fingers–so use some sort of padding with kettlebell handle; sweat rag covering handle + lifting gloves worked for me.


Awesome, thanks for the response. I agree on the 50 rep set being a bit much so I’m going to try your idea of 4x25. I definitely need the conditioning so hopefully this program will do the trick.


I did it last fall… I am 65 and used a 52 lb bell… I agree with other posts about rep schedules… 330 swings a day gets boring… I had bypass surgery 3 weeks ago… now I get to start working out from scratch when I am cleared to exercise in 3 weeks…


hey biker, just curious if you or your buddy experienced any serious soreness in low-back area (or anywhere else for that matter) after doing hi-rep swings daily for awhile…i’d like to try a similar daily (or close to it) challenge but i’m 52yo and of course the recovery isn’t what it used to be so i want to avoid creating injuries at this age (sorry to sound like a puss but i want to train hard AND smart !! ).


If you haven’t been using a kettlebell previously, I think a sore back indicates your swing needs adjusting, in addition to using too heavy a kettlebell in beginning. I see 40 something guys in the gym doing really, really strange looking swings. Look for Pavel or Dave John on youtube, or order a kettlebell video. Practice the Turkish getup, and some of the other odd exercises, then try the l0,000 swing workout.

When I did this workout I stared with about 40 lb bell and worked up to 60 lb ones by about half way in. I skipped the accessory work, and that’s probably why I lost some strength after completing the workout.

Good sweat workout.