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Anyone Tried CW's TBT Workout?


I would like to try it but I have a question if someone could help...

Here's the program: http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/totalbody_training

My question: There are three workouts (you could say Mon, Wedn and Frid) Are you supposed to do the SAME 6 exercises on all three of those days for 2 weeks and then switch them? Or are the 6 exercises on Monday different from the 6 on Wednesday as well as Friday.

It's confusing me. Thanks!


No, just be sure to pick four compound exercises and two single-joint exercises with each session. You can rotate exercises as much as you desire. All you have to do is follow the prescribed parameters. (Based on what he said and the way his book is written.)

However, it seems it would make more sense to do the same 6 exercises each sesson for 2 weeks (6 sessions), then switch to 6 new exercises. That would give your body some time to adjust and improve in each exercise (progression) before switching over. Four out of the six exercises for each session being compound exercises.


Thanks for answering. I guess I'll do 6 different ones each session/day then. I just finished a program from Men's Health that was similar. Compound lifting with each session a diff rep/set/rest/velocity range.


Program ....... Mens Health .........

Those 2 should never be combined into a sentence !


Check out this forum post. It has a spreadsheet to all his workouts and has a sample TBT spreadsheet. Print it out and take it to the gym with you. Viola!



It was one of the first programs I ever did.

Long story short, it sucks for bodybuilding, and I don't recommend it to anyone.


I did very well on it and know quite a few other people who have.

OP, try it, see how you get on. Don't go by what other people say, find out for yourself.


Yeah I just did it. Wasn't too impressed. Thanks for the link, 77 I'll look it over and come up with something better.


In my 30 years of training, I have made my best gains on TBT. Like any program, you get what you put into it. Good Luck.


I just looked over the spreadsheet that 77 provided and it answered all of my questions- so I had it planned out wrong and will be ready to try it again on Monday. Thanks everybody.


For all the people against the program, what do you guys think is a better hypertrophy routine?


Traditional bodybuilding training. (shocker!)


I liked the program for strength, got my front squat to over 300.


lol smart man


Thanks 300,

That makes a lot of sense, considering that 99% of the male population want to be athletic, fit, and healthy, and doesn't give a rat's ass about being a 300-pound offseason behemoth.

After all, those who've switched from bodybuilding training to more general-fitness programs shouldn't attend a gym at all or those who didn't care about bodybuilding from day one shouldn't even enter a gym -- all because we don't want to be... HUGE!

I mean, Men's Heath and Men's Journal are really crappy magazines; I mean, who wants to learn about how to eat healthy, get fit, excel in his career, and learn about the world. The only exercise magazines worth picking up are Iron Man, Musclemag, Flex, and Muscle and Fitness. After all, they must be the best considering most people don't give a rat's ass about being huge or the world of bodybuilding.


Then why in the blue fuck would they log in on a forum that clearly says "Bodybuilding" at the top? There aren't general fitness forums on the web?


Maybe perhaps because people who want to talk about fitness and health can't anywhere else on this site. Do you see a "health and wellness" forum? No, you don't.

I know what your response is going to be. Then why join T-Nation at all, if it clearly is a bodybuilding website? Maybe because some people like T-Nation so much, they want to be a part of it, despite not wanting to bodybuild.

I'm very irritated that many people on this site totally turn their ears to the different methods of building muscle. TBT is one of the many methods. Many of you act like if you do TBT or associate yourself with it in any way, you don't belong here. Never mind the fact that many of us share the same passion to lift heavy weights. Apparently its how we organize our workouts that matter most.


You'll find closedmindedness and an unwillingness to listen on any forum you go to on the internet. Any single one.

You may have added 50lbs of muscle with TBT after trying various different splits with lesser degrees of success, but apparently your results don't matter because you're not doing it the way they do it, and thus for whatever reason, real or invented, neither you nor the way you train deserve credit for the success.

You'll find this on any forum that covers any subject with different approaches or paradigms... PS3 vs Xbox 360, Rock music vs dance music, Stallone films vs Arnie films, pancakes vs waffles... the internet gives people a chance to defend/endorse things they feel strongly about (which is a good thing), but unfortunately the detached, non-face-to-face medium allows people to be more belligerent than they may otherwise be in everyday life and quite often people talking passionately on the internet about what they believe comes at the price of extreme closedmindedness.

It's something you'll have to deal with in any forum, unfortunately.


This TBT vs Splits debate has been beat into the ground, so I'm not getting into it. Suffice to say that I don't agree that most here are unwilling to listen to ANYONE who put on 50 lbs of muscle. On the topic of health and wellness or general fitness, I think a new sub-forum should be opened for that. All posts in this forum should pertain to bodybuilding and all aspects of it. It's not unreasonable to ask that a forum titled 'Bodybuilding' should stick to discussion of... bodybuilding. Why should we care what 99% (or whatever) of the population cares about? WE care about bodybuilding.


I agree, but you know what? There is more than one way to bodybuild, and TBT is a completely valid way of putting on muscle (putting on muscle is what bodybuilding is, right?).

The problem with this forum is that anybody who's not 280lbs gets shouted down. Fair enough, you reach that size then damn right people should listen to what you have to say. But if someone has put on 50-70lbs of muscle in the space of two years and tripled or quadrupled their strength, then surely that qualifies them well enough to give advice on how they reached that level of development? They may not be qualified to talk about how they put on 120lbs of muscle, sure, but they're just as right in talking about how they put on their first 50-70lbs as the 280lb guy is talking about how he put on his first 50-70lbs.

The problem with people here is that they think it's an all or nothing proposition, which it's not. It's like if you're at a certain weight/strength level then what you say is the Word of God, but anything below that point and your opinion on anything is meaningless, which is absolutely ridiculous.