Anyone Tried Crossfit?

has anyone here tried crossfit training?
i am wondering if i will get the same results through crossfit as i would going to the gym.

Depends on what you do in the gym, doesn’t it?

[quote]TheDudeAbides wrote:
Depends on what you do in the gym, doesn’t it?[/quote]

Killer answer. Spot on. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t commend you on your avatar. A great cartoon… or the greatest?

Philly, Crossfit has some good ideas, but my general suggestion with any of their routines is to chop the time and/or reps in half. It’s just a huge volume of work for most people.

For example, this past Tuesday’s workout, “Joshie”:

Complete three rounds for time of:

40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, right arm
21 L Pull-ups
40 pound Dumbbell snatch, 21 reps, left arm
21 L Pull-ups

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried them, but L Pull-ups are freaking hard! And they want 3 sets (actually 6 sets) of 21. Crack… they are smoking it.

I believe they suggest using alternative exercises if needed, but if the majority of people are going to need the alternatives, what good is the basic template in the first place?

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:
TheDudeAbides wrote:
Depends on what you do in the gym, doesn’t it?

Killer answer. Spot on. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t commend you on your avatar. A great cartoon… or the greatest?


Yeah, probably not one of my better posts. I was trying to get the OP to explain his current routine. Anyway, hasn’t been back since.

Thanks for the Tick clip.

Ha. Actually, I wasn’t meaning to be sarcastic, but I can see how it sounded that way.

The OP definitely could’ve used some more detail in his question, and not been so open-ended.

In any case, I hope the guy does come back with more info. It’s kinda frustrating when threads are left hanging, like a bad season finale that just says “To be continued… ?” and then fades out but it never gets renewed for another season.

I don’t think people realize how rude it is to start a thread and then not come back to it. At least an acknowlegement or “go piss off” or something would be better.

ok. go piss off. :wink:

My only training right now is crossfit style workouts and jump rope + mobility and static stretching on rest days. I do them right in my living room. I love the format and you don’t have to drag your ass to the gym. You will put on muscle and lose fat. I usually don’t do the WODs and just make up my own. I usually go x-fit/jump rope/x-fit/rest, (3 days on 1 off) then repeat. I built some parallettes and have a hangboard for climbing training that I do the pull ups on and have a bunch of dumbbells.

Some of the crossfit stuff requires a gym for overhead squats, olympics lifts, and presses. However, you can get some murderous workouts with just a place to do pull ups and dumbbell work.

My favorite movements right now are full squat clean and jerks w/ 60lb dbs and thrusters w/ 40lb. For upper body, HS pushups on the paralletes and weighted pull ups.

You might not get as big as you would doing squats and deadlifts and heavy benches, but it is a good way to stay fit if you can’t get to the gym.

By the way, check out if you haven’t. Theres some cool stuff on there and instructions for building parallette bars.

Before I go on, I have never trained or worked out at a CF gym. I’ve done it all on my own at a home gym, at work, and at a big box gym (on occasion).

Having done CF WODs since 2001, I can say 2 things at the moment that I am sure of-

  1. Don’t get caught up in their politics or any site’s politics. Be your own. Watch out for the “kool-aide”. The last thing you should do is ask a question that references bodybuilding or T-Nation when posting something on the CF boards. You could get lots and lots of negative remarks. Openly stick to your loyalties for ideas or people different than CF and you might get banned. Retarded crap.

  2. It’s general conditioning. You won’t win much of any physical competitions on CF alone, you still specific training. CF argued against specific training in their early propaganda journals (lol, I meant that as a joke).

A few things I cannot say that can work with everyone, so I am not too certain on this stuff, are…

You may have to do more than just the CF WOD in your day to reach certain fitness goals. Pick a quality that needs work on…CF can only generally help it, so you still need to figure out what else is needed for you. I have used ideas from many authors of this site to improve where CF may lack with positive response. I think that said it all when it comes to DIY workouts involving CF WODs, still need an open minded education in relation to your goals. You using workouts found on their sites, it doesn’t mean you ARE them. Almost every training site has at least one thing useful.