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Anyone Tried Carbolin 19?

Just read the article about it in the weekly dose… has anyone tried this? It sounds pretty interesting… thx


I’ve tried it and liked it…4 caps a day so you need at least 2bottles. I find out that it gives you good leaning effect. I also found out that my appetite was crazy while on Carbolin 19.

cool thanks… maybe il give it a try…

I tryed it a about a year ago, but I didn’t see or feel anything noticable.

BUT, looking back my diet was far from optimal at that point in time. I was still pretty misinformed when it came to eating/cooking/etc.

If you are going to try it, i would definately make sure your diet is in check first. And if you think your diet is in check, check it again. I think you’ll see much better results that I did.

i loved it man. i tried it when it first came out, taking the max amount i think like 4 a day. i could NOT eat enough! i took this along with Alpha Male and my numbers went up quite a bit, i dropped quite a bit of fat and noticed stretch marks on my arms and shoulders. id love to keep taking them, but i wouldnt consider those staples so ill have to save them for when i have the money!