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Anyone Tried Brick Sh*t House Program?

Anyone tried Steve Tripp’s Brick Shit House powerbuilding program? He seems knowledgeable but I’m looking for more info on the program before I spring the money for it.

I have my thoughts on Steve, but I’ll flat out say that no single program is worth $99 when you can get COACHING for less than that.


Curious to hear your thoughts. This is the first I’ve heard of him,

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I’m sure John Meadows are around $250 :scream:

It would be in poor taste of me to share them on an anonymous forum here with him not having the ability to discuss it.

Fair enough…

I’ve been to his gym before, place is sweet. That wouldn’t sway me to pay that kind of money for a program though.

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I have never heard of Steve Tripp but, where can you get 16 week coaching for $99?

No idea about 16 weeks of coaching, but that wasn’t my claim anyway :slight_smile:

You can get hundreds of great programs for free on T Nation part of site. Anything by Dan John, Wendler, Waterbury etc

@Alpha /Brain Alsruhe will write you a personalised program with 8 weeks of follow up consultation for $100


There are VERY few people who need to pay money for a program. A book? Sure. 531 Forever, Strongest Shall Survive, and many others are well worth buying. But with the number of free quality programs out there, looking at paying a hundred bucks (or even a fraction of that) just for a si GMs program seems like it would mostly be done by those worrying more about finding the perfect program than just putting in hard work on one out there for free.


Personally, I make better progress, and find far more enjoyable, more complex and intelligently varied programs like Eric Cressey’s. As opposed to simple ones like Starting Strength. That’s why I’m thinking this one might be worth it to me. From the little I’ve gathered it might be in the vein I’m looking for, but I don’t know much about it.

Starting Strength is a 12 week beginner program: it’s meant to be simple.

Ever consider Mike Tuchscherer’s RTS? It was honestly above my head, but Mike is probably the most cerebral lifter I’ve ever known.

Thanks I’ll check it out

The only down side is embracing RPE…

It works for some. It’s not my style, but I can’t argue with Mike’s results. The first time I saw him, he was legit the biggest human I’d ever seen in my life. My time in strongman eventually changed that, but it was still just mindblowing at the time, haha.

Yeah I met Mike… at the time he definitely had junk in the trunk. Yeah RPE isn’t my thing either… mind you i know how to auto regulate based on how im feeling and how things are going in a given session.

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Exactly. I don’t have to attach a number to it. Although I DO enjoy the “burst blood vessel” metric of RPE. Just on my shoulders and traps? That’s probably an RPE 8. Face and eyes? Ok, now we’re getting near a 10.


I love the RTS book! It’s one of my favorite PL training books with plenty of applications to normal training. I never got into the math of percent fatigues but I did get the take home message. And I like some of the rep schemes he has for intensification and accumulation blocks for keeping things fresh and interesting.

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Any other recs for programs in the Cressy vein? (Emphasis is on strength in heavy compound lifts, but more functional, athletic, balanced, and varied than typical powerlifting program. And some attention to muscle building as well won’t hurt.)