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Anyone Tried Beverly International?

Hey T-Men and Women,

I was wondering if anyone had heard of the supplement company Beverly International? The prices for their supplements are very expensive, and of course I am loyal to Bitotest ï??

However, I do occasionally enjoy switching protein powders, when I could afford them! One of my friendâ??s father was a competitive powerlifter and he informed me about the company. He seems to enjoy their products very much! So, if anyone has used their products in the past, I would love a any information of it! Thanks.

i’ve used their ultimate muscle protein (UMP) In the past. very tastey, and a little thicker than Metabolic Drive. not really worth the extra money for most of their product line, certainly not magic, but definitelt one of the better quality companies out there.


Thanks man, that is what I was thinking. Way out of my budget!

[quote]MODOK wrote:
Muscle Provider is awesome, and costs the same as Metabolic Drive. Try it sometime.[/quote]

Interesting. Does the taste and texture compare to Metabolic Drive?
What did you find about the product superior to others?

For the past three weeks I have been using Ultimate Muscle Provider and I am addicted to it. I love the taste, and the profile is very high quality (very similar to Metabolic Drive). I would recommend it.

Thanks Guys. It has to be good if it is approved by T-MEN. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually mixed up the cookies n’ cream flavor with a small bit of water, and then put itin the freezer for about 20 min. Not quite ice cream, but not bad at all!


great company, top-notch supplements, but very costly. I dont see an advantage over Biotest or another top-line brand unless you can find them discounted.

Sweet. This is more than what I hoped for. Thank You.