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Anyone Tried B12 Injections?


Has anybody tried intramuscular B12 injections? I've been trying 1000IU or 1CC post workout and have noticed enhanced recovery as well lower stress levels. Just wanted to see what others are experiencing.


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Thanks for trying.


Aren't B12 shots at 1000 I.U. a prescription med in Canada?


It is behind the counter at the pharmacy but no prescription is needed. $6 for a 10ml vial.


It's 1000IU/ml


Did the pharmacist consolidate you before hand? They usually have a say in the yay or nay of things for behind the counter meds.


Actually he didn't really seem to care. He read the instructions on the side of the box to me and that was all. I also picked up a dozen 25 guage 1 inch syringes as well as a box of alcohol swabs. I get funny looks when asking for syringes possibly because of my size but have never been denied syringes or over the counter meds.


Hmm interesting stuff. I believe a pharmacy can't deny anyone syringes (ethical issuses for drug addicts). I know they can refuse give over the counter meds if people abuse them. Really no addictive properties to B12, to my understanding.

So did you notice enhanced recovery right away? Ball park figure say 1-2 hours after a hard workout.


I've noticed my energy levels bounce back faster, even after a draining workout such as max effort deads or squats. Also I have noticed an increased appetite. Maybe I am recovering faster because I am consuming more calories? I am a relativly mellow person to begin with but I have been almost 0 stress with all aspects of life. Was reading that B12 will block high cortisol levels which makes it even more appealing to me and it seems to hold true just based on my experience so far. Only been injecting post workout so 4 - 5 times week for the last 2 weeks.


I've tried it in multiple styles, I gave myself 1/2cc everyday with slin pins for a while and I've also tried larger doses like 3cc at a time in a single occasion per week.

I never noticed a huge difference.


You should talk to Roger Clemens. The B12 shot he took did wonders for his performance.




They can not actually.

The states have laws mandating the sale of needles to keep people from sharing/reusing them.

Some states even have free needle/needle exchange programs.

a 12 year old can buy syringes at a local CVS, they might refuse to sell them multiple syringes, but they have to sell them one.


I may even be incorrect on that. That may even be pharmacy policy or something, I was told that by a local pharmacist.

Syringe laws are extremely confusing:



Even the lawyers dont fully understand the laws because they are so poorly written, some states prohibit the sale of vet syringes, but dont limit the sale of human use syringes, even though they are the same. Some states make it illegal to possess syringes for drug use, but dont limit the sale, or have adequate disposal programs, etc.

Its a mess really.


westclock has just been pharmacisted...boom.

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