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Anyone Tried Animal Cuts?


Has anyone ever tried animal cuts? If so did they work for you?


I did back when I was "a kid". The only thing I noticed was that it suppressed my appetite. My diet was shit though, so I can't talk about results.


If you do use it, I recommend tossing out the 2 blue pills which are natural diuretics.

those 2 pills made me feel awful even while drinking a gallon of water a day


Animal Cuts works like any other fat burner (meaning it doesn't) so your just paying a hell lot (specially in Egypt). I would recommend ECA which you can easily get. PM me if you want to know which site delivers to Egypt and aint so expensive.



everybody says animal cuts is more of a pre contest supp to dry you out more from the diuretics, it doesnt do a huge amount for burning fat.


cheers guys for the input!


The only thing it cuts is a chunk out of your bank account.


haha fair enuf, forget them then