Anyone Tried Androderm For PCT?

Has any tried Cy Willson’s PCT with using Androderm (topical testosterone) for 1/4 of the cycle length post cycle to keep test levels from dropping too low while allowing a little recovery to start? It makes since to me but would prolong the pct time, but seems like recovery would be smoother.

Also, what does everyone think of hcg use during a 6 week cycle? And TRIBEX use post cycle, should it be run at 5 on 2 off like label recs, or ran straight until done?

Last question. If running a 6 week cycle with 3-6 weeks pct, shouldn’t one be “clean” from both androgens and recovery agents for a period of time before starting another or is that not neccessary?

Thanks a bunch for any info/opinions, this place is great.

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