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Anyone Tried a Push/Pull Split?

Anybody tried it, do you like it?

I have been running an upper/lower routine for the last few months.
Results are good but I hate hitting legs every other session, so I’d re-arrange:

Day 1:Quads, chest, shoulders, triceps and calves one day

Day 2:Hams, back widht (vertical pill), back thickness (horizontal pull), biceps, forrearms.

Btw train 3xweek and rotate between routines (ABA BAB) so I rest at least one day between sessions.

Not a far cry from DoggCrapp

Which I liked

DC split is
Upper (except biceps and forearms)
Legs+bi’s and forearms

I’m talking about
Chest, Shoulder, Tri’s, Quads, Calves

Back widht & Thickness, Bi’s, Hams, Forearms

DC is great for bodybuilding purposes but I’m not ready for it

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So instead you want to hit legs every session?


I wouldn’t hit the gym just to hit one hour straight legs… I’d rather have a bit of legs in every workout while still hitting upper body hard.
I’d find that more enjoyable as a pure matter of personal taste :slight_smile:

Forgive me hardcore bodybuilders, I’m just an amateur willing to be big while having fun!

I have not used a template like the one you describe, but I train lower body every gym day, as either the main movement or as the secondary. For example: log clean and press (main movement) supersetted with pullups and core, and then deadlift/squat variation (secondary movement) supersetted with non-exhausting triceps variation (eg, rope pushdowns). I have been doing full-body training for years and I have seen good progress.

I’m quoting from an article now,

The modified split is also ideal for those who hate leg days because you’ll do a small amount of leg work every workout instead of devoting two entire workouts to legs.

But, I’d say this to OP, have you considered a 3x/wk PPL split instead? That has you doing legs every third session :slight_smile:

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In that case, you need no one’s opinion on the matter, no? Train the way you wanna train and get after it.


I’m using one right now, 6 days a week. Calves are done every session, but just one set. An excrutiating one.