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Anyone Tried a Front Squat Harness?


Check it out here: http://www.frontsquatharness.com/

I broke my collarbone back in '08, and haven't been able to front squat 'heavy' since, without feeling very dizzy/almost fainting.

So, have anyone tried the harness and how does it stack up compared to the 'real deal'? Does the abs still take a pounding and all that?


It looks really cool. I say go for it. You are one of the few exceptions of NOT doing regular, olympic-style front squats due to a legitimate limitation.

Although I have never tried it, I would say that it would probably take off some of the need for your core to stabilize the bar because balance will be much less of an issue. But that is just my ignorant assumption.

If you do not feel like it's meeting your standards, you can always stick to the back squat.


I've always loved the front squat. It just feel way more natural. I'm 6'1, so that might play a part.

I've fought a long, hard battle with the back squat. I always seem to get injured. The front squat really is king amongst squats.


I disagree. ZERCHER SQUATS are king! Too bad they're alot more useless for the olympic lifts compared to the back squats and front squats.



try to rest the bar more foreward on your shoulders. it should be touching your collar bones on the front, not on top of them. It might feel like the bar will fall forward if you squat like this but it won't. In any case try it with low weights and ramp it up and see if it works this way.


Oh, TJR, I almost forgot to ask, how is your form? Are you sure you are positioning it right?

Check out this video: http://californiastrength.com/videos/viewvideo/44/clean/clean-how-to-video-part-one


I know how to front squat :wink:


Yeah. I was thinking this, too.

I find this to be a good test of whether people have the bar in the rack position properly:

Resting on your delts.


So no one has actually tried it?

Perhaps I should try the PL-forum, although it might be wisest not the promote the front squat ahead of the back squat :slight_smile:


you might have better luck over there. hard to see how the harness will help the clean which is pretty much why most of the people over here are front squatting in the first place.