Anyone Tried 8/6/3 by Brad Kasczmarski?

That’s why I don’t have kids. Who’d want to bring a child into this world?

Seriously though, does it really? I remember like 300 pages where the goal seems to be more oriented towards showing off vocabulary of anatomy rather than conveying information. But I don’t think I ever found the program everyone associates with it.

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Lol listen if someone wrote a book that just said

Page 1 - You feel good, Lift heavy thing up and put back down

Page 2 - You feel not so good, pick less heavy thing up and put back down

Page 3 - Something hurts when you pick heavy thing up, you find new way to pick heavy thing up and put back down

Page 4 - When you feel really good you make heavy thing heavier, pick up and put back down.

No one would believe it.


Nope…just U2 :wink:

Oh shit…its pretty much the same thing isnt it?

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The people complaining about the volume of 531 obviously haven’t read Wendler’s newest material. There’s literally enough programs in Forever for a lifetime of training. There are programs for literally every lifter, goal and situation.

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I did 3 sets of 6 the other day. My black soul knows no salvation


the people complaining about the volume of 5/3/1 don’t understand that you can do LITERALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT so long as you stick to the percentage progression on the main lifts.

Literally anything.

Like, anything.



Yeah even the 531 sets are just a way of working up to a top set. I don’t even follow the reps or percentages except for the 1+ set most of the time. Sometimes I end up doing 821+ or 661+. Who gives a fuck?

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