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Anyone Training Today (Christmas)?


I don't think the gym is open, but my homegym will do just fine for a squat session today.

Anyone else?


Hell Yeah, FINiBAR breakfast, then Back n Bis, then an entire Gingerbread house -lol

Happy Holidays!



Just finished. My gym is also closed, but having a bar and some plates in the garage makes for a nice start to Christmas.

I want to say I'll do a second session, but chances are I'll have a little too much liquid Christmas cheer with the family today. Oh well.


Will be doing back thickness after my half day of work is done. Then killing whatever food hits the table. Ate a home made cheesecake and 1/2 yesterday after a dinner of 1lb tuna steak and a plate or more of rice.


About to hit some back and bis in the cold ass garage.


Same here. Saved up and asked for X-mas money early to buy a squat rack and weights mostly so on Holidays I'd still be able to get in a good session.


Jealous! I haven't had cheesecake in years!


Arm day brah, then face stuffing, nap taking, poop dropping all day.


squats with my new EFS bands at home today :slight_smile:


As usual planned my 1 day off from the gym this week to be today so I went every other day this week. For those who worked out today, when was your last day off lifting or next planned one?


did yesterday at evening,in my garage-gym, after 12 hr of work, today rest and tomorrow (box day) powercasting on the field.............


yep. Shadowboxing + pushups + abs.

Not the best but I'll take it.



No one works at my gym..its keypad entry

I can use whenever the hell I want

I don't celebrate christmas though soooo


Conditioning. 5-6 hills, depending on how my lungs hold up.


Did a double training session yesterday, so I'm gonna train my gut with some high-rep, high-volume Chinese Buffet.


boredom and almost breaking down to buy some wrist straps lead me to grip strength training today. Merry Christmas fuckers.


Doing pull-ups and planks before I get my kids today.


Nothing for me today! Why fight it... cheat day to the max haha.


Had a simple neural charge workout today. Gonna hit it hard tomorrow with some heavy pressing.


Why'd you have to say chinese buffet? I was planning on ravishing the place close to where I work the other week but then saw that they are closing down, I is sad.