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Anyone Training Around Plano,TX?


I am just now getting into strongman and I would like to know if anyone is training in the Plano,Tx are for power lifting and or strongman. I live about 45 minutes or so from Meto Flex, Plano and would like to get with someone that can do the strongman events once a week or so. I am in the light weight 230-235lb class, but have no problems training with bigger and stronger. My lifts are:
Bench 275lb
Squat 425lb
Dead 455lb
OHP 235lb

I am looking to someone/s to help me gain the strength I need to enter local contest. (if and when they are around.) PM me for an email address.


There's a really good gym next door in Addison. It's called The Gym, and is at the corner of Trinity Mills and Midway, if I recall. They have some fairly hardcore people training there and might be able to direct you to strongman stuff.


Metro Flex Plano does have some people there who train strongman, at least they did the last time I was there.