Anyone Trained in Brazil?

I’m interested in training Jui-Jitsu from the source and go down to Brazil (I also just want to go there anyway). I’ve tried looking into camps there, and found a Gracie camp but they won’t reply to my inquiry. Does anyone have any information or experience or am I just better off finding a jui-jitsu school in the US?

I am from Brazil, BJJ is good, but to me i think you guy overrated, exacly the same thing happen to girl, " here is great, but is not heaven". Now in terms of variety of places to practice there is 1000000 places all average or abouve average.

I’ve been to Brazil. I went to Sao Paulo and every little neighborhood in that city had a BJJ academy with a black belt instructor who was there to give everyone attention. Every BJJ school also had a gym with weights, showers, sauna, etc. and it cost me about $18 US to join for 2 weeks.

That is the advantage of training in Brazil. You will not learn anything that you can’t learn at a school in the US, especially in your first year. It’s not like the movie Kickboxer or the Karate Kid, where they will train you in some old fashioned Brazilian way and have you ready for your black belt in a few months.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is like boxing. your first year is all about learning the basics. The foundation moves like the elbow escape, the oopa escape, the basic guard passes, etc so that you can develope your own style as time goes on.

With that said, if you want to go to Brazil because you are planning a vacation and you are interested in BJJ, by all means check out a school while you are there. Brazil is a beautiful country and I had a great time there. BJJ is also a great way to learn about Brazilian culture if you’re into that.