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Anyone Train Strongman North of Denver CO?


Its a long shot, but I wanna find some people that actively train strongman and have all of the equipment North of Denver.

If anyone knows anyone throw it out there, cause the only place I've found is Denver Pro gym and I'm in Boulder, and they only train saturday for 2 hours which is my Open mat time.


Send me a PM. We train at I-70 & Kipling. We have everything and are looking for some more people.


Edit; check out http://www.armbrustprogym.com/index.htm and http://armbrustprogym.blogspot.com/

Dylan got some sweet pics of us last week, that shot is my main man hitting the 390 for reps.


I know they have some strongman equipment at the Rocky Mountain Lifting Club, www.rmlccolorado.com, but I don't know if they have an active strongman group over there.