Anyone Train Strongman in OK?

Looking to get a strongman training group together at my gym here in Edmond, Oklahoma…Anyone around here?

I’m living in OKC/Norman.

I’d be willing to make the drive once or twice a week.

What gym are you at?

I own a gym (Private athletic training/personal training facility) on lincoln between memorial/33rd right off broadway ext basically.
I have,
-log press
-tires up to around 600lbs
-Farmers walk handles
-fat bars (pretty much all of elitefts specialty bars)
-and regular gym stuff ect…

Trying to get a good group to train events on sats or sundays. Im trying to start competing for fun, i like having things to train for. If your interested shoot me a PM.


I know this is an old post, but do you still have a place in Edmond with all this equipment? I’m in N Yukon and would be interested in coming up and training.

Get ahold North American Strongman Society, if they are still around they may help you. They used to have contest in tx once or twice a year with several weight classes.