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Anyone to Help Figure Out My Diet?

I’m 25 and trying to get lean, obviously without losing too much muscle mass. As of now, I am 201 lbs and around 16-17% body fat. I tried bulking up a few months ago but thatstopped after a bout of back spasms acted up and sidelined me until a week or so ago. I didn’t enjoy bulking up but a lot of people told me that I should do it to add more muscle before I lean out. Anyway, I think i’ve held onto a good amount of the muscle and would like to get lean.

I have some years experience in the gym, but I definitely lack confidence in my diet. I eat clean but I’m not sure about how many calories I should be eating to lean out without losing muscle. Right now I’m consuming around 2700 calories a day (very low carb, mostly healthy fats and protein), eating 5-6 meals a day, and pretty clean.

Basically I need someone to tell me how many calories I should eat so I have confidence in sticking to that diet for an extended period of time, and if the Anabolic diet is right for me. At the end I would like to be the same weight but around 10-11% bodyfat. Help would be greatly appreciated.

i’m in a similar position as you. i’m at 188 looking to stay the same weight but cut the fat.

i’m taking a different approach thanks to afriend of mine.

instead of focusing on losing fat & gaining muscle at the same time (very very hard to do) i’m going to do a cutting cycle first to get to my desired leaness; then tweak my diet in order to gain muscle.

the 2700 you have is what i’m doing (and i’m 20lbs lighter) so you might want ot start a little higher and adjust your caloric intake as you lose weight.

HOT-ROX Extreme works fantastic too.

Thanks for the advice man. My calories have been fluctuating a little since I started the diet last week, so its been up to 3000 which actually felt pretty satisfying after all my meals, so I think you are right on that one.

Whats the deal with HOT-ROX, does it just give you more energy?

Also, how much cardio should I be doing? It’s not like i’m fat, but I def have a gut and would be down to do cardio if needed.