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Anyone Thought About Leaving the US?


Thinking ahead, I really don't wanna be here when the USD collapses. Dentists and doctors won't even be able to find work in this shithole in five years. I'm thinking about trying to find a job abroad when I graduate - Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, and The Netherlands are attractive.

Asia would be too much of a culture shock for me, but are probably the best choices from a purely economic perspective. I would hate to leave but I think this place is pretty much facing a worst case scenario at this point. It's going to be miserable. Anyone else tempted to up and leave?


The trouble with that idea is that, not being a citizen, no one will care about you. They'll refuse you health care unless you have a bucket of money. I know you probably don't care about that, but it is there.

I'd choose Canada, especially the West. Its beautiful and there are a lot fewer libs who'll try to rob you. Their currency is stronger too so things might not be as bad there.




I can understand why people would want to leave, BUT our country won't get any better if all the good, hard working people become expats. I don't wanna get too conspiracy theory on you guys, but I think if America falls their won't be any place left on earth that you would want to live in. Just my 2 cents.


I would be lieing if I had not thought about it.

This to shall pass. Is what keeps me here. We are still the best country on the planet.



As a nation we have fallen from grace but we need to rise up, I think that day may come very soon.


I don't see anything passing short of a very destructive revolution. The US is not going to change course anytime soon because the culture is too ideologically fucked up. Furthermore, I believe the people running the financial system are fully aware of what is happening and what the consequences of their actions are. How can anything change when they have a vice grip on the whole political system?


I will give Obama credit for one thing, and that is waking up the sleeping giant of people that just allow life to happen. People are now getting involved in the process. I have not been political in my life. I just showed up and voted. Now I am showing up to political rallies, and thinking of helping out with their campaigns. I do not have a lot of time, but I can show up and stuff envelopes or put a sign in my yard.


Actually you would get healthcare in most of Europe, Mexico, Canada or Cuba. Not sure about Oz or NZ.


I've lived in Italy for a smidge. I don't have a problem with living else where. In fact I'd enjoy it, but there is no place like the U.S.


You can forget New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Swiss, Netherlands and the rest of europe except maybe Lichtenstein but they probably got a dentist in one of there 3 villages. I used to live a while in NZ and australia and living currently in Germany. It cant be worse than here in the US.

Nearly every european country is facing the same Problems, in Germany we got high unemployment, the government says 3 million the truth is about that we got nearly 10 million, which are all recieving some kind of government unemployment money. Most of the people who are working have to do it for really low wages about 800 Euro a month, that might sound heaps but the lifestyle is really expensive.

In the Main cities like Berlin you got no go areas where all the "refugees" living, even the police isnt going in those areas. In France it is even worse you got major riots every couple month, where they burn your car, smash your house and shop. The government isnt working for the people anymore, but the people are the enemy of the government. Nobody agrees with the governments, but strangely they same parties are always getting back in the senate.

In NZ and Australia you are facing a major crime problem, especially NZ, about every third of the 4million citizens has been to prison or involved in a crime. Jobs are available, but only short term. If you are a doctor you probably have to go back to school anyway, to do your doctor again, has something to do with standards and policies.
Besides that you still got a few nice places, which are mostly in remote areas, which are only nice, when you are a tourist.

If you decide to come to Europe because of the healtcare, well you shouldnt. Health is quite expensive here, you have to pay about 200 Euro every month for the state insurance. If you work you cant refuse to pay it will be tranferred automatically from your wages. Besides it is a law to have health insurance. If you are your own boss the healthcare fee is about the double.

Most of the hospitals are from the 60s, they dont only look like that, the care is pretty much the same. If you want better care, you need extra insurance which isnt cheap.
I forgot, there are Doctors every where, i live in a small town with about 20 regular shops and nearly 20 doctors for only 8000 people.


Go to Brazil or the Colonies in Mexico. It's basically white culture below the equator. But for cheap.


Actually you are treated fairly well in other countries being a foreigner. I went down to Brazil and everyone treated me like a king.


..i have to assume you're trolling, because the amount of misinformation in this post is staggering. Nevertheless belligerent; i'd advise against you coming the western Europe simply because you won't be insulated against the collapse of the dollar to the extent you'd like...

..i hate to agree with HH on this, but stay in North America; if everything does collaps you have ample opportunity to go Grizzly Adams and just rough it out...


The more I think about the more pissed off I get. Why should we leave?

We should round up all the no-good, busybody, sociopath power-mongers and send them to Canada.

I'm not fucking leaving.



Be Grizzly Adams, rough it, use Gold and Silver as money, buy lots of weapons and ammo, lots of canned foods, and seeds. Wild West will be back before you know it. Yee Haw!!!


I agree that if the USA fails, no place will be unaffected. But I also don't believe the USA will completely collapse. I just the USA heading in a direction opposite of what I believe. Maybe if all the hard working people became expats, they would finally get the hint.

I've been thinking of moving to Hong Kong. No sales tax. No VAT. No capital gains tax. Highest income tax bracket is %20.


In his book "The Little Book fo Bull Moves in Bear Markets," Peter Schiff discusses the pros and cons of foreign countries for investing as well as moving to. Here's what he writes about Australia:

"Australia is a gem. It is a large, English-speaking nation with an economy as developed as any on earth, a low unemployment rate of 4.4 percent, and a projected 2008 GDP growth rate of 3.8 percent according to International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates, more than double the IMF projection for other developed economies like Europe and Japan. Roughtly 60 percent of its exports go to Asia, making it relatively immune to the slowdown of the United States.

Australia is rich in natural resources, including raw materials like copper, lead, nickel, and zinc and agricultural commodities such as wheat. It has one of the world's largest supplies of natural gas, enough to satisfy its energy needs for the rest of this centry, giving it a competitive advantage over Europe, Japan and the United States as the and other countries struggle with skyrocketing oil proces. While other countires are creating inflation, Australia's central bank is raising interest rates to keep inflation in check.

In the 12 months ended in April 2008, the Australian dollar led the list of currencies appreaciating against the U.S. dollar whith a stunning gain of 19.4 percent. Add that to divident yields that have been in the range of 10 percent to 13 percent and higher.

Australia's proximity to China positions it ideally as the major exporter of raw materials to a country where the demand will be insatiable."

Sounds pretty soild to me. Read up on the economic news for Australia and the news reports are far better than what is going on here. I'm seriously considering making a break for down under.


You are right, it might not be so dramatic. Dont know how it is in netherland but in the case of Germany all i wrote is true. Though, there might be some hospitals which are quite new.


billigerent, all I am saying is I am not going to run away.

edit -- yes, I have read that book.