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Anyone Taking Armour Thyroid? Feedback?

About to start 30mg a day split.

Just wondering if anyone has any feedback or would share their experience with it?


Cmon. Anyone?!

I am @roscoe88. 90mg every day. My numbers before:

TSH - 3.53 uIU/ML (0.400 - 4.100)
T3 Total - 0.91 ng/ml (0.80 - 2.00)
T4 Total - 5.3 MCG/DL (4.5 - 11.7)
TRIIODOTHYRONINE, REVERSE - 14.3 ng/dl (9.0 - 27.0)

Admittedly, my doctor didn’t test what I asked him too, but these numbers were good enough for him to prescribe the 90mg daily.

I take mine at night. I think you’re supposed to take it before food in the AM, but it made me feel strange doing that, so I moved to 8:30pm.

Only thing Dr tested last month was TSH which is now .7

When I started taking it, I stopped “feeling” the post shot test buzz I was getting 16 hours after shot… But that lasted about 1.5 months and now I’m back to “feeling” the test 16 hours post shot.

Aside from that, there might be some subtle improvements, but nothing I’d say that is life altering or really noticeable. I thought I’d lose some body fat/weight easier, but that hasn’t happened really at all.

Not sure if that’s much help, but that’s how its been for me thus far. Maybe I need more? Something different? Or maybe I just expect more than what is really supposed to happen.

What are your pre armour numbers and why 30mg daily?

My numbers look a lot
Like yours. Except my tsh is around 1.5 or so.

A couple labs from prior are here:

But bottom of the barrel ft4 and ft3. Also tT3 is very low.

I always feel
Sluggish. Like friends will want to do
Happy hour and I’m always wanting the couch after work. Never sleep well. Horrid sex drive.

Hoping armour May perk me up a little and help w erections and arousal.

Get on armour and titrate up to where you feel jittery and hyperthyroid. Then back the meds off a bit to where you don’t feel jittery. That will be your sweet spot. You want your free T3 and free T4 in the upper 3/4ths of the range. TSH less than 1 and rT3 less than 15 but ideally 8-10. When you get in these ranges you’ll feel like a new human.

Great thanks.

Dr is starting low. 15mg morning and 15mg night. I just don’t wanna come in at even lower levels than I’m at now currently.

I guess bloods will determine. What’s the time
For bloodwork? After 4 weeks?

@trifive @roscoe88
Here’s my thyroid levels:
Free T4 - 1.21 (.82 - 1.77)
Free T3 - 3.5 (2.0 - 1.44)
Reverse T3 - 21.1 (9.2 - 24.1)
TPO ab - 19 (0 - 34)
Thyroglobulin Antibodies - <1.0 (0 - 0.9)

What do you think?

6 weeks, the same as TRT.

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Please describe this buzz you are referring to.

The only thing better would be T3/T4 compounded and customized to you. Reportedly, since Armour is porcine, there can be differences in the hormone levels from pig to pig. I think most using Armour do just fine, though perhaps they would be even better with a custom T3/T4 combo.

I’ll interested to hear about your results. Just started a T3/T4 combo myself.

If relying on TSH levels for adjusting dosage, which PCPs and endos are, six weeks. If taking a bioidentical, you can check fT3 and fT4 sooner, three to four weeks.

@systemlord - overall sense of well being off the charts. Hard to put into words, but I can “feel” it. Energy, confidence, thoughts come easy, mental clarity, easy to talk to people… Just feel awesome.

I’m taking 40mg EOD and inject at 11pm. I’m usually feeling great, sometimes starting at 9am the next day, but usually 11am - 2pm is when I can feel things are different. Usually lasts most all the way to my next shot.

If I get crap sleep the night before, I might not feel it as intensely, but still feel it.

My numbers aren’t horrid but really not optimal.

Is it possible that I will actually be lower in natural levels after starting until I titrations up? I guess I’m thinking this is like starting trt at too low a dose.

Also, is it true you cannot take around the same time as you have your coffee? Or is it just the cream in coffee that could affect absorption?

Same here.


Some recommend not even taking them with water, they just chew it.

Wow. Somewhat a pain.

I wake, drink coffee, go
Workout, come
Home and have protein.

Armour doesn’t come in mg (thyroid meds come in mcg), it comes in grains. There’s a chart online where you can kinda convert it to mcg comparison levels to other thyroid meds like synthroid. But I’d suggest starting off at 1/2 grain and working up from there adding a 1/2 grain every couple weeks until you get hyper symptoms and then back off by 1/2 grain. That’ll be your sweet spot. You may actually feel worse the first two weeks.

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Your rT3 is too high. Need to be below 15 and ideally 8-10. Armour will not help you because Armour has both T4 and T3. T4 converts to both T3 and rT3. rT3 essentially blocks T3 from doing its thing. We don’t want to add more T4 to your system. So you need to be on strictly a T3 medication only like Cytomel. Start off at 25mcg and titrate up every two weeks. If you get hyper symptoms then back off a bit. Cytomel will cause your body to produce less T4 which then can’t convert as much to rT3 effectively lowering it. Blood tests every 3 months. Cytomel will drop your T4 a lot which is fine. We would like that at bottom of range. We are concerned about FT3. And it can go above the normal range which is OK and your TSH will go lower too which is fine. Focus on the FT3 being at top of range and the rT3 going below 15.

Everybody, I had an ex wife that was always hypo. Doctors are absolutely USELESS when it comes to the thyroid. She couldn’t lose weight even if she starved herself for a few days. No lie. I used to think thyroid issues were all BS. So one day I thought I’d start researching thyroid issues and came across a website called stop the thyroid madness. I learned a ton. And I learned that you effectively have to medicate yourself as Doctors will almost always just go by the TSH levels. This is the worst parameter to judge how a thyroid is working. It should be the last parameter to pay attention to. The ones that matter are FT4, FT3 and rT3.

Doctors will not even prescribe you the right amount either or sometimes even the right medication. No matter how shitty you feel. So I had to medicate my ex wife myself. I bought Armour thyroid online and played doctor. Got her in her sweet spot after a few months and she felt a ton better and lost 20lbs quickly. She was 5’1 130 to start and ended up 110. She had a ton more energy and just overall was better.

Point is no matter what you tell your doctors they aren’t going to work with you. You need to buy these meds online somewhere and experiment yourselves.

Side note…ex was not really a nice person and didn’t really get involved in her thyroid meds and such with me, just took what I told her. So when we split up and it was a nasty split up, she was unaware how to take care of her thyroid her self, let alone where to even get the Armour. Needless to say I didn’t help her she was very nasty to me and she ended up packing on all the weight again and to this day is nowhere where she was when I was playing doctor!

Also, the difference between her feeling better and feeling sluggish was the difference of only like a 1/2 grain. It was weird. We would keep upping her dose every two weeks, she’d feel a little better, but not a lot. Then all of a sudden when we hit the sweet spot it was like flipping a switch. Tons of energy. Weight fell of very quickly, etc.

30mg armour is 1/2 grain.

My dad has hashimotos and was given generic T4. It does absolutely nothing for him. My Uncle is the CFO of a major hospital group and this guy is supposed to be the best doc in the South for thyroid. Such a croc of shit