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Anyone Take Wobenzym N?


i just started taking this after someone in the gym told me about it, so i said what the heck. my knees hurt all the time, i got an MRI, and my doc said i have chondro- malacia, which is basically an irritation of the undersurface of the kneecap. it hurts just to bend my knees slighly, kind of like taking a baseball stance.

i cant run, play any sports, or do anything but ride the stationary bike, im very limited in most activities,im 30 yrs old.

so i did some research on this wobenzym N, told my doc about it, and he said it cant hurt to try it. ive been on anti-inflammatorys for about a month now, and my knees seem to have stopped responding to the treatment. hopefully this wobenzym will help me with my knee problems


Never even heard of it, but I have read good things about Chondroitin (spelling?) Cissus, and Glucosamine Sulphate in terms of joint health. A good fish oil will probably help too.


From my understanding of it, it's primarily a digestive enzyme complex that has the "side effect" of reducing inflammation. I'd agree that it can't hurt to try it. Run through a bottle and see how you feel.

For me, three to six Flameout per day make my cranky, almost-30 knees feel all bright and happy again.