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Anyone Take Their Blood Glucose Levels?


I was wondering if anyone could shed some light for ideal reading that one would be aiming for for losing weight and gaining muscle

I bought a blood Glucose monitor in order to maximize my nutrition performance to see how my body actually responds to different food.

For instance I heard during fasting one should be around 80 mg/dL but if you go around 50 you go get into a hypoglycemic state


Completely unnecessary.

Unless you're diabetic of course. Other than that, obsessively taking your blood sugar on a daily basis is ridiculous.


If you think you need to monitor blood glucose levels on a meal by meal basis, you may have an eating disorder.


No not on a daily basis. I'm just going to get an idea by testing some various meals over the week to see how my body responds to different food.

Is that really a bad thing lol? I've gotten the feeling of low blood sugar levels at times so I wanted an accurate reading of my body.

Why is this crazy? Its just a little drop of blood...takes barely any time to test it.


It's crazy because you are dicking around over minutia. If you truly feel like you have a problem, see a doctor. Other than that just train and eat properly.


He's talking about doing a "study" on himself ONCE, checking how a few different breakfasts or shakes affects his blood sugar. Not piercing his finger six times every day.

mg/dL ... the one time you attempt to follow the metric system you fail miserably;)

Sounds interesting, and since you already bought the meter, calling it a stupid idea is not very helpful.

Testing the following might be a good idea:
when you feel hypoglycemic/like crap, for a reference value. This value is probably a lot better than what E-knowledge or white coat diet advice tells you
at intervals after your normal breakfast/lunch/dinner
when waking up/going to bed

Find out how long after a meal it takes you to drop to a level you still function at and reevaluate your diet in light of this newfound knowledge.


I/m a type II diabetic. I test each moring before breakfast and any exercise. If you are not diabetic,you are wasting time and money.

Get a Glycemic Index chart, and a Glycemic Load chart. You want to eat foods listed under GI of 55, and a GL of 10.


Regardless, it's still entirely unnecessary. Unless he has a high level physique that he's dialing in for, say an NPC show, I can't see how it could possibly help him. He doesn't need to take blood sugar levels to see if he feels like crap after eating certain carbohydrates.

And I never said he was stupid, so don't put words in my mouth.


I completely agree, but while it might not do wonders for his diet, it might be fun/interesting. Not everything we do is necessary.

I'm biased since I do this in school to learn. Finding out that a fit teen has healthy blood TAG levels is not mindblowing, but the process is, at least for me, interesting. Mixing blood and rocket fuel to determine lactate levels was also unnecessary, but fun. This will cause him no harm and he'll probably learn something.

Agreed, you never called it a stupid idea. And I never really said you did.


Well, the main thing I would be concerned about for this guy would be developing "paralysis by analysis" - in other words, if he's fairly new to training (which he may or may not be, he really didn't say, and I looked at his profile for pics but there are none) this kind of attention to minutia has the potential to derail his efforts more than helping them.

But yes, it could certainly be an interesting experiment, I just don't see it being at all necessary....What's your major BTW? - I'm a nutritional bio-chem major, going into my senior year in the fall.


Very well said.

Medical school, first year. Hence the interest in doing this kind of stuff.


Thanks....thats exactly the idea of what im doing. Documenting where my body is actually at instead of using some canned chart on the internet and trying to guess


Cool. Best of luck in med school! : )


Yes im aware of that and have been eating very low GI foods. Again I still want to know how my body responds to these foods(and higher GI foods for the window around the Workout) and where I am at say waking up...going to bed....
I have gotten hypoglycemic symptoms in the past so if spending $50 on this to get an accurate idea of what my body is doing is waste in your eyes then I don't know what else to say.


I'm not going to go all psycho with this...its just to give a better picture of my body...call me crazy but im actually really curious to see what my body BGLs are at after certain meals. Just like if I bought a scale to weigh myself. Just to get a accurate reference point instead of looking at a chart and going "we;ll lets see...im 6 feet tall...according to this I should weigh around 200lbs"


I test 6+ times a day!
Then again i am a type one diabetic..