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Anyone Take the GMAT?

Anyone here take the GMAT? What did you find the best way to study for the Data Sufficiency and general Quant math problems?

I had to take the GMAT with 48 hours notice so I didnt study, but Im pretty sure the deal is to do as many practice questions as possible since they repeat question types. Worked for me on the SAT 1460 -> 1560 from doing 7 or 8 practice exams.

You should pick up a review guide like Kaplan, Princeton Review, or Manhattan GMAT. The toughest part about the DS and quant math problems is understanding what they’re asking. I bombed my first practice exam just because I didn’t understand what was going on in the DS problems.

The review guides are also good to help you refresh your middle school/high school knowledge. There are a ton of questions on basic algebra, geometry, combinations, etc. that I wouldn’t have been able to answer without relearning the principles behind them.

I took an actual prep course. Although I think it was overboard (self-study with review books probably would have been sufficient), I scored in the mid-upper 700s (up from my pre-eval test score in the low 500s).

how comparable is this stuff to SAT like material? i want to take them just to see how id so, i did very well on my SATs without any prep work at all. i mainly took econ/statistics/calc in college so im comfortable on math skills, what else is on there?