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Anyone Take Probiotics?

I have read that probiotics work as long as you keep using them. Does anyone take them and plan to stay on them indefinitely?

Any recommendations?

I take probiotics and plan to continue indefinitely …

I took them on and off and didn’t notice a difference. Then I took them consistently for like 5 months but also didn’t drink alchohol and cleaned up my diet considerably and guess what my gut issues went away. Lot of smart folks here who may care to chime in, but what I came across was leading me to believe that even tens of billions of probiotic micro organisms, even from multiple strains, isn’t really going to do much. And that the micro-Biome of the gut is more complex and more quickly evolving then we once thought. I could be out of my depth but it’s one sup I won’t be shelling out $40 bucks a month on, at least for now.

I drink kombucha a few times a week. Does that count?

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I take a high-strength ‘premium’ supplement and any gut issues have largely disappeared, feel quite good overall. Tempted to stop them for a bit and see what happens.

sounds interesting. How do you cleande up your diet? What changes do you made?

I have tried everything under the sun to improve gut health, and recently have been using saccharomyces boulardii. It’s the first probiotic type thing where I noticed a difference almost immediately.

For me quitting drinking alchohol completely was the biggest change. Then I did low/no carb coupled with intermittent fasting (IF). When I got comfortable not eating till 1-3 Everyday, I through in a 24+ fast once every week or two when I felt like it. During this period I ate tons of salad and low carb veggies and tons of chicken thighs.
Now I’m doing the vertical diet most of the time. No IF or fasting currently. I’m in a good spot right now and gut is responding well.

Second the kombucha and I eat a lot of kimchi. Kombucha can be a little rough, but the ginger ones are usually good. I generally feel better when I’m taking these in. Nothing quantitative and could completely be placebo, but I like both of them and would consume them even if they weren’t good ways to take in probiotics.

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Ditto this. I like drinking kombucha enough that I’d drink one or two a week even if there were no health benefits. I like thinking that there’s some benefit to taking in the probiotics, but if there isn’t, whatever.

Using Visbiome (VSL #3) right now - 450Billion units per serving. So far so good. Digestion seems to have improved and appetite is more in control. Pretty expensive for $120 months worth but I was intrigued by all the scientists on podcasts I listen to raving about it.