Anyone Take Oral Finasteride and Topical Dutasteride

I’m on trt and have been taking finasteride for approx 2yrs and have not experienced sexual side effects. I’ve heard that some guys take both finasteride and topical dutasteride and have had good results.

What’s your experience been?

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I haven’t tried Topical Dutasteride, but I take 0.5 mg of oral Finasteride ED. I haven’t gotten sides from it except initially it made libido go up. I think it is stable now to where it was before Finasteride.

I have used RU58841 topically. I would think that might be a better pairing with oral Finasteride because it goes after a different mechanism of hair loss. It is a research chemical though, so I am not sure if I would use it long term. I blast and cruise, and will add the RU for blasting. Although I am thinking I might run the RU for 6 months or so on cruise to see if I can boost regrowth (I haven’t lost very much, but I would like to be were I was before touching testosterone).

One thing with topicals though. They are a PITA. Especially if you still have a lot of hair. Getting them on the scalp is tricky. I have low adherence to protocol with topical stuff haha. They can also make your hair not look great depending on what they are. It is why I wouldn’t use Minoxidil unless it was really bad.